Articles by Grant Oster

I am a typical Memphian. I believe that all other Bar-B-Q is inferior, I love Memphis basketball, and I hate when non-Memphians try to talk to me about Elvis or Three 6 Mafia.


Nashville Edges Past Memphis in BBQ Throwdown

I don’t often see headlines from Nashville’s local newspapers and blogs; however, they cannot seem to shut-up regarding the newest rankings released by Travel + Leisure’s in their “America’s Best Cities for BBQ” category. Nashville’s Business Journal had the following to say on the matter: “The eclectic nature of Nashville’s BBQ scene helped Music City earn…


The Lull in Memphis Sports

With the Memphis Grizzlies losing in the first round of the NBA playoffs, I feel as if there is a lull in regards to Memphis athletics. Growing up, I always thought of summer as a sports’ buzzkill. I personally am not a fan of baseball; therefore, I feel as if summer doesn’t offer up much…

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