Lettuce Eat: A Quick, Delicious, and Affordable Healthy Option


I can hear you you groaning now, “Salads?! Gross!” That’s fine. Salads are not for everyone–feel free to ‘Like’┬áthis post and go about your business. However, for those of us looking for healthy options in an unhealthy city, Lettuce Eat is one of the best options available–they are quick, delicious, and affordable. Their menu offers … Read more

Ching’s Best D@mn Wings


I won’t name names, but my wife and I ordered wings from a familiar Memphis wing joint last week. They were garbage. In fact, all wings are garbage in comparison to Ching’s Wings. I’m not certain as to why Ching’s is so freaking delicious, but they are. About five years ago, my younger brother told … Read more