The Lull in Memphis Sports

With the Memphis Grizzlies losing in the first round of the NBA playoffs, I feel as if there is a lull in regards to Memphis athletics. Growing up, I always thought of summer as a sports’ buzzkill. I personally am not a fan of baseball; therefore, I feel as if summer doesn’t offer up much to those who love sports.

Spring has basketballĀ and soccer; fall starts the inception of football season; and winter offers hockey. That leaves summer…UNLESS it’s a year with the Summer Olympics. That is the only exception.

Summer, in Memphis, equates to long, humid days. No one wants to be outside–certainly not sitting for endless hours in the direct sunlight. No one, except for Memphis Redbirds’ fans.

Redbirds’ Stadium, in Memphis, Tennessee

Don’t get me wrong, as a Memphian, I try to go to at least one Memphis Redbirds’ game a year. Preferably a night with free bobbleheads or fireworks night.