23 Best Things To Do In Memphis

things to do in memphis

On your travel plans to Memphis, the question is usually where to start, and then what to do next. One glance at a Memphis calendar of events is overwhelming, and any other search will just be the same. There’s no way to run out of things to do! Here are our top picks of the … Read more



“The shot heard round the world.” This popular phrase is tied to an event in American history that forever changed our nation’s future. Memphis recently had its own history-changing event—a mob. One might call it, “the mob heard round the city.” I’m not referring to the violent Kroger Mob that left three injured, but the … Read more

Ramifications of the Kroger Mob


Unless you’ve been living in a cave or under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard about the attack that took place at the Poplar/Highland Kroger last weekend. I won’t get into the details of what transpired during the mob; however, I want to examine the ramifications of the Kroger mob on Memphis. If you have … Read more

The Closing of Crittenden Regional Hospital


As of Sunday, Crittenden Regional Hospital closed its doors. From press releases to the website of Crittenden Regional Hospital, the following message is the official last word given from the CRH Board of Trustees regarding the hospital. “In light of its deteriorating financial conditions in recent years, the all-volunteer CRH Board of Trustees, the hospital … Read more