How to Run a Public Record Search and Background Checks in Memphis

Online ads. They are so prevalent that we almost don’t even notice them anymore. However, ones that I find most annoying are the ones offering public background checks, employee background checks, and public record searches. It is hard to ignore them, humans are a curious bunch–nosey to a fault at times.

memphis employee-background-checks

If you ever click on this link, you’re just asking to get stuck in a tangled web. You won’t find what you need, moreover, you’ll spend tons of unnecessary money.¬†As a former Memphis private investigator, there are many tools of the trade that I learned to use over the years. Here are some of the best ways to perform free public records searches and background checks in Memphis, Tennessee.


Memphis Background Checks

If you’ve got someone’s name, that is all it takes to do a search in the Shelby County General Sessions Search Database. On this site you can search through both criminal and civil cases. You can search for criminal charges, traffic tickets, bond information, lawsuits, and disposition information.


If you have a date of birth for the person you’re searching for, this makes it easy to ensure you have the right person. The database provides results showing names, dates of birth, and race.

Check for an Outstanding Warrant in Memphis

If you fear you might have an outstanding warrant in Memphis or you just want to further investigate a possible new hire or boyfriend, check out the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Warrant Information System. Here you can put a name into the search to see if there is an outstanding warrant.


Who’s in Jail in Memphis?

Possibly the most fun tool is the Shelby Count Sheriff’s Office Who’s in Jail tool. It has multiple searches that can help provide you instant information if you suspect someone has recently or is currently incarcerated in the Memphis area. The two most popular features are the Active Inmates search and the Recent Bookings page.


As you can see, it give you almost live coverage of those in Memphis who have been arrested, their Memphis mugshots, the charge for which they’ve been arrested, and so much more. It’s like an instant Just Busted–and it includes everyone.

Check Property Records in Memphis

While this tool only helps with those that own property, it isn’t a tool that should be ignored. The Assessor of Property database, which includes all residential and commercial properties in Shelby County is a great site for finding someone’s address or the owner of a home.

As a private investigator, I had at my disposal tools that had expensive memberships and promised the largest results. Often times I found that they could not compete on the local level. While these tools don’t offer but a glimpse into someone’s life–especially if they lived in another area–they are fantastic for local background checks and public records.

Using Google for The Rest

You’d be surprised what you can find with Google. That being said, it should be used to fill in the tiny details.

It is important to understand that with these are tools and like any tool, if the person using them don’t know what they are doing, they often don’t get the results that they are looking for. If you need more help, I highly recommend contacting a private investigator to help with your background checks and public records searches in Memphis.