Where can I find the best live jazz performances in Memphis’s vibrant scene?

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No other city is as synonymous with live jazz music like Memphis, Tennessee—the birthplace of blues and the renowned “Beale Street.” From the legendary bars and lounges of Beale Street too newer dives springing up all across town, there are plenty of spots servin’ up some of the best jazz performances in the city. Here is a guide to finding some of the best live jazz shows in the bright and bustling Memphis scene.

Head On Down To Beale Street
Beale Street in downtown Memphis has been renowned for its many music venues since it got jumpstarted back in 1978 with a historical marker bythen-mayor Wyeth Chandler. This storied street hosts clubs that consistently host top-tier jazz gigs, often with famous musicians performing front and center. So if want to get your foot (and ears!) tapping to talented performers playing some classic tunes then you have to hit up Beale Street first!

Stop By Club 152
If you must go beyond Beale Street but still want to experience some serious Memphis jazz vibes then look no further than Club 152—a favorite spot of locals. Established 15 years ago, this upper Granville club is focused on providing great food alongside outstanding music acts, including lots of traditional Birdland jazz shows throughout the week. The atmosphere here will really make you feel like an old-timey speakeasy—definitely worth checking out!

Make Time For Sunday Funday at New Daisy Theatre
On Sunday afternoons during nice weather months, crowds flock to the New Daisy Theatre for “Sunday Funday” concerts put on by local bands. They don’t just offer mouth-watering jams—there are also cool themed party nights liketrivia nights thrown into themix, making these evens especially enjoyable experiences for those who are lookingto go beyond just listening and partying outdoors with friends. The heavy downbeat funk breaks make sure that everyone canlock into a groove!

Enjoy The Rooftop Jazz Sessions at DeJAVU Bar & Grill    
If you’re lookingfor something truly unique, then head overto DeJavuBar & Grillnear Tiger Lane on South Cooper Drive for their al fresco rooftopjazz sessions every Thursday night. This eclectic space sits atop an office buildingand features vast views that set a perfect backdropfor enjoying quality improvised groornovele from some of thecity’s best playersand singerswhile indulgingin delicious appetizers and drinksfromtheir full bar selectionincluding craft cocktails and local beer specials––it doesn’t get much moreauthenticthan this!

wrapping uP 
 Memphis is packed fullof excellent spotsforlively performances from vibrant artists playing lively jazz tunes in settings equally rich withhope and history alike––all you have to do is seek them out! From Beale Streetblues bars to subterranean hideawaysand rooftop perches — where everyou end up–you’re sure toget lostinthe groove so be sure bring your dancing shoes–You won’t be disappointed!


Q1: How many jazz venues are there in Memphis?
A1: There are numerous jazz venues in Memphis, such as the Lafayette’s Music Room, Beale Street Blues Café, The Center for Southern Folklore, B.B. King’s Blues Club and FedExForum.

Q2: Does music have age restrictions?
A2: Most jazz venues do not limit the minimum age to perform or attend live performances. However, under-age persons may sometimes be subject to supervision or limits on consumption of alcohol before entering certain establishments.

Q3: Can I find free jazz performances?
A3: Yes, there are many free jazz performances in Memphis. For example Beale Street hosts live bands and musical performers every day from 10am till 7pm with no admission cost required.

Q4: What days can I hear live Jazz performance?
A4: You can hear live Jazz performances every day of the week in a variety of locations around town including bars, concerts halls, clubs and parks.

Q5: Do all Jazz venues serve food and drinks?
A5: Most jazz venues do not serve food and drinks; however some offer snacks and beverages to enjoy during the performance. To see what is available at each venue check their website or contact them directly for more information.

Q6: Are there any online resources to help me find the best live Jazz performance in Memphis?
A6: Yes, there are several websites that provide listings of upcoming gigs like Gigtown.com or Eventbrite which highlight events by genres so that you can easily find what best matches your interests

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