How can I navigate Memphis’s public transportation to get around the city?

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Navigating Memphis Public Transportation to Get Around the City

Getting around a new city can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a car or access to ride-sharing options. Fortunately, Memphis has plenty of public transportation options that will help you to get around the city for an affordable price.

Public Transportation Options in Memphis

Memphis has three primary public transportation systems: MEMPHIS RIDE, Shelby County Circuit Buses, and Paratransit Services. Let’s take a look at each of them in more detail:

MEMPHIS RIDE is high-quality public transit that serves most parts of Memphis, including Downtown, Midtown, East Memphis, North and South Memphis. It consists of buses and trolleys running on routes throughout the metro area. Bus routes are widely available and run frequently from early morning until late night every day – perfect for getting around quickly to work or meetings in the city. You can check online for schedules and routes. Each bus requires exact cash fare for entry ($1.75 per adult). Furthermore, MEMPHIS RIDE offers special discounted cards known as GomemphisRide ID Cards; these allow holders to automatically receive discounts when using rideshare services as well as discounted airport trips and other services in Memphis.

Shelby County Circuit Buses:
The circuit buses are operated by Shelby County Transit Service (SCS) and serve many areas within the county but not all parts of Memphis itself; these are mostly designed for commuters travelling outside immediate metropolitan areas. Circuit buses are generally cheaper than MEMPHIS RIDE services – fares start from $1 per person with discounts available for seniors over 65 years old who need extra assistance while traveling (for example reduced mobility seating). Additionally SCS provides Commuter Passes which give unlimited travel on their route network throughout an entire month so you can use it multiple times depending on your needs.

Paratransit Services:
Paratransit services are specialized forms of public transportation catering to seniors or those with disabilities who find it difficult to use regular public transportation due to their impairment/condition. Similarly to Shelby County Circuit Buses , paratransit services only operate within certain areas served by SCS but some transport outside south-western Tennessee; also they require advance notice for bookings before travel . The fees vary depending on the distance traveled but they usually range between $3-$5 per trip .


So there you have it – navigating public transportation options in order to get around Memphis shouldn’t be too much trouble once you understand the various types that exist and plan accordingly! It might take some time initially after learning which service best suits your needs – however taking any one of these forms of transport could save a lot of money so definitely worth looking into if saving cash is important!


Q: How can I decide which route is best for me on public transportation?
A: You can refer to the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA)’s online trip planner tool to plan your exact route and view their schedules. Additionally, you may also choose to download the free Ride MATA app that allows users to purchase tickets through their phone.

Q: What forms of payment do MATA buses accept?
A: MATA buses generally accept cash, coins, credit cards and special “MATA Passes”, all of which can be purchased the Ride MATA app. Unfortunately they currently do not accept ApplePay or other smartphone payments options.

Q: What time do buses typically stop running?
A: The last bus typically leaves downtown around 12am and runs until early morning hours as times vary throughout the city. Check out the Ride MATA app or refer to individual routes timetables for an exact schedule in your area.

Q: Is there a way that I can get discounts for my fares?
A: Yes! MATA offers a variety of discounts depending on your age or ability status such as seniors, youth under 18-years old, disabled fares etc. Make sure to ask about any applicable discounts when purchasing your fare at any station kiosk or through the Ride MATA app.

Q: Are there night services available for those who wish to travel later into nighttime hours?
A: Yes! Memphis Night Service runs from 8pm-3am Sunday through Thursday and 9pm-5am Friday and Saturday nights allowing night owls access via its Night Owl express routes while minimizing wait times between stops living access to Main Street Trolley Line, Madison Avenue Route 1 & 2 and Beale Street Route 4 & 5.

Q: How frequently are buses typically scheduled on routes?
A: Buses run every 10 minutes during peak times (7 am -9 am & 3 pm – 7 pm) with intervals getting longer as time progresses through late-night hours however intervals may vary depending on location so it’s important to check ahead by using the online trip planner tool or downloading the Ride MATA app for exact timetables

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