Where can I find the best crawfish in Memphis?

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Are you a foodie, looking for the best in Memphis cuisine? If yes, then you have come to the right place! Crawfish is one of the popular seafood dishes in Memphis. But with so many places offering crawfish, how do you know which one is the best? In this article, we’ll tell you where to find the best crawfish in Memphis.

Why You Should Eat Crawfish in Memphis

Crawfish is an iconic dish from Louisiana, and it’s a delicacy found all across the South. When it comes to Memphis cuisine, crawfish has long been one of its most beloved offerings. Not only does crawfish taste delicious but it also brings people together – there’s nothing more fun than gathering around a table and digging into some delicious boiled crawfish! Plus, there are lots of great restaurants in Memphis that serve exceptional crawfish dishes that combine seasoning and cooking techniques from the North and South. So why eat your crawfish anywhere else, when you can get authentic Southern-style crabbo right in Memphis?
Surely there must be some hidden gems out there serving up mind-blowing boiled crawfish. And that’s where we come in – here are some of our top picks for finding the best crawfish in Memphis:

A & R Barbecue:
If you’re looking for simple yet delicious cooked seafood done right, head to A & R Barbecue on Airways Boulevard. The ole fashioned BBQ shrimp and seasoning blend offer just enough heat to make your mouth water – plus their huge plates of served up with old-fashioned sides like collard greens and hushpuppies make sure you’ll definitely leave full.

Gus’ Fried Chicken:
You may not think fried chicken when you hear “crawfish,” but Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken certainly knows what they’re doing when it comes to boiling up fresh crustaceans. Offering generous portions and secret daubing techniques to bring out all those flavors without making it too spicy – Gus’ is often referred to as ‘the king” when it comes to quality fried chicken – but don’t forget about that classic Cajun spiced boiled option!

Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken:
Located just off Lamar Avenue near downtown Memphis, Uncle Lou isn’t messing around when it comes to flavor packed fried food (and especially their signature boiled options). They offer complete platters so no matter how much or how little you want – they’ve got something perfect for everyone from classic wings dripping with hot sauce sauce or whole slabs covered in savory spices (think jalapeno creole!). That being said, if seafood is your thing then why not try out their famous Boiled Crawdad Platter or even their ultimate Southern Spice Combo if extra heat is what tickles your fancy?
Memphis Barbeque Company: Another staple serving up succulent shellfish dishes Head over to this family owned business located on Madison Avenue and sample some amazing sautéed shrimp dishes as well as their 10lb buckets full of juicy tender tails ready for dipping into garlicky melted butter! Don’t forget about their signature Tangy Remoulade Sauce which really takes things up-a notch – far away from what any other eatery has done before – Just trust us; your taste buds will thank us later!

Memphis is a city renowned for its amazing southern cuisines – including its favorite dish; CrawFish. Whetheryou’re looking for something light such as A&R barbeque’s version or ifyou’re after something with more kick like Uncle Lou’s fried chicken-there are plenty of places offering fullest varietyof tasty Gulf seafood options anywhere on earth. So don’t miss out–eat your way through town untilyou findyour favorite spotforboiledcrawdadsbeforesomeoneelse grabs them allup first!


Q: Where can I find the best crawfish in Memphis?
A: There are plenty of excellent restaurants and seafood markets in Memphis serving up the freshest catch of crawfish. Some popular choices include Memphis Crawfish Company, Frank Grisanti’s Seafood & Steak Restaurant, and Donaldson’s Catfish & BBQ.

Q: What is the most popular way to prepare crawfish in Memphis?
A: The most popular way to prepare crawfish in Memphis is boiling it with a blend of Cajun seasonings. This style captures all the flavors of authentic Southern cooking that make crawfish so beloved.

Q: Are there any recommendations for vegetarian options featuring fresh crawfish?
A: Yes! A delicious alternative to boiled crawfish is a vegan gumbo made with vegetable broth, okra, and your favorite vegetables, along with fresh-picked local crawfish. It’s a bold and flavorful option that will satisfy even the bravest eaters.

Q: Is there anywhere outside of Memphis where I can buy high-quality, locally sourced crawfish?
A: While Memphis has some of the best places to find fresh caught or local farm-raised crawfish, there are other options available outside of the city. Check your local specialty grocers or farmers markets for sustainably produced crustaceans; you may also be able to order them online directly from regional providers like Tennessee Aquaculture Inc.

Q: What should I keep in mind before buying or consuming fresh live crawfish?
A : When purchasing live cray fish it is important to make sure that they are free from signs of parasites such as tiny black spots on their shells. Additionally, when storing your catch at home it is best practice to wet down newspaper, towels or burlap sacks and place them inside a cooler containing cold water; always be sure not to overcrowd them so as to give each individual enough room to express its instincts naturally without being overly stressed out by its companions.

Q: How long does freshly caught or purchased live cray fish last before needing cooked or frozen?
A: Live cray fish tend to spoil very quickly so it is recommended that they be cooked within 24 hours if they have been caught in a trap or bought from a seafood market; if you plan on freezing them for later use then you should ensure that they have been fully cleaned and blanched before placing in an airtight freezer bag for no longer than 2 weeks.

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