Where can I find the best BBQ cooking classes in Memphis?

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Where to Find the Best BBQ Cooking Classes in Memphis?

Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing better than a good old fashioned BBQ. The smoky, succulent flavors just can’t be beat! If you’re wondering where to find the best BBQ cooking classes in Memphis, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn all about the top spots for discovering your inner pitmaster!

Blues City Barbecue: Expert BBQ Instruction with a Side of Southern Hospitality
The first stop for anyone looking for expert barbecue instruction should absolutely be Blues City Barbecue. Located near downtown Memphis, this is arguably one of the most popular spots for locals and tourists alike. Not only will students get an extensive education in barbecue theory and techniques, but they’ll also get to enjoy a bit of southern hospitality along with their cue.

From briskets to ribs and everything in between, this spot boasts some serious talent from veterans of several world-famous competition teams. All courses include hands-on practice and each student gets access to their own grill station as well as tons of helpful advice on smoking technique, rubs, sauces, marinades, and more. They even offer private events so you can bring your friends or family along for a unique group experience!

Memphis Pitmasters BBQ Academy: Team Up With Real Professionals
If trying something new and taking lessons from professionals is what you’re after then look no further than Memphis Pitmasters BBQ Academy. Here you get an incredible opportunity to team up with real pitmasters so they can take you through every aspect of low-and-slow cooking on a smoker or traditional pit system—and trust us when we say it’s worth every penny! This renowned school has been featured in multiple TV shows and even offers custom classes catering exclusively to local restaurateurs who want tips on how they can kick their ‘cue game up a notch. Since each class lasts around six hours long (they also offer shorter sessions) this makes it a great option for folks who want serious training without having to worry about time constraints.

Tiger BBQ: Unlimited Access To Training From Real Champions
Maybe you’re just starting out but still crave that world championship flavor? Then why not head over to Tiger BBQ? As one of the few major competition winning teams that somehow still make time to provide quality barbecue education via individual classes, this is hands down one of the best options if you’re looking for specialized training focusing primarily on beef dishes such as tri-tips, burnt ends,oko style shortribs and much more. What sets them apart? Students here have unlimited access to training from both former national champions as well staff members who specialize instruction such as knife skills or advanced trimming techniques—not often seen at other schools.

Ignite Your Inner Pitmaster Wherever You Are!
Whether your goal is becoming an amateur pit master or perfecting your competition recipe arsenal these three spots are guaranteed make sure that whatever effort you put into learning will be met with success as long as you stay true yourself and practice often! So if mastering barbecuing is at the top of your list don’t wait any longer grab some wood chips and head over one these places so you start igniting big flavors today!

Conclusion: Learning how properly smoke meats isn’t easy but fortunately places like Blues City Barbecue, Memphis Pitmasters BBQ Academy & Tiger BBQ make that journey much simpler by providing expert instruction from real pro competition team owners & champsrespectively that show step by step instructional guidance sure please any novice or pro size appetite no matterthe experience level . So don’t delay anymore making smoked barbque artistry your own personal masterpiece today!


Q1: What kind of barbecue classes are available in Memphis?
A1: There are several different types of classes available, including classes on classic Southern BBQ, Northern-style barbecue, specialty grilling techniques, and more.

Q2: Are the BBQ classes taught by experienced BBQ chefs?
A2: Yes! All of the cooking classes offered in Memphis are led by professional pitmasters who have years of experience in smoking and barbecuing meats.

Q3: Is there a cost associated with the BBQ classes?
A3: Yes, there is typically a small fee for the class that covers the ingredients and supplies. The cost varies depending on which class you choose.

Q4: How long do the barbecue classes last?
A4: Most classes last two to three hours, depending on the type of class and number of participants.

Q5: Will I need to bring any ingredients or supplies with me to class?
A5: No – all necessary ingredients and supplies will be provided by your instructor for use during class. You may wish to bring a pen or paper to take notes if desired.

Q6: When is the best time to attend a cooking class?
A6: Most BBQ classes in Memphis are offered at various times throughout the week, from evenings to weekends. You should check availability online prior to signing up for a class.

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