How can I experience the vibrant craft coffee culture in Memphis?

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The craft coffee culture in Memphis is something that every coffee lover needs to discover. The area is home to some of the country’s finest artisan roasters, cafes, and specialty shops offering a wide variety of unique coffee drinks for every palate. A visit to this city reveals new flavors and brewing methods from across the globe, all made possible by unique local ingredients and a creative flair that only a vibrant culture can bring.

What exactly is the Memphis craft Coffee Scene?

Located in southwestern Tennessee, Memphis has become a hub for excellent coffee experiences. Here’s where you can experience locally-roasted coffees with rich aromas and nuanced flavors often not found elsewhere. The artisanal approach of many of the city’s baristas ensures creativity flourishes while still producing timeless classics – making every visit enjoyable for newcomers and connoisseurs alike. You’ll never tire of what Memphis has to offer!

Where should I go for incredible craft espresso?

If you’re looking for an excellent espresso experience in Memphis be sure to check out City & State Coffee Roasters at 1616 Madison Avenue. It offers some of the best hand-crafted espressos in town as well as delicious lattes ready to be washed down with homemade pastries and small bites. This family-owned business mixes expertly roasted coffees from Brazil, Ethiopia, Ethiopia: Yirga Cheffe, Guatemala Huehuetenango Hill Top, Rwanda Buhunga Decaf natural & Sumatra Mandheling – all together creating an unforgettable flavor combination perfect for any mood or occasion! Likewise Uncommon Grounds (386 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Ave) takes pride in their slow coffee brews such as pour over chemex filters as well as classic pour overs like French Press or Aeropresses which are especially designed to produce intense flavors from your favorite beans.

What about if I just want a casual cup of joe?

If you’re just after a quick cup then Carabello Coffee (1264 Concourse Avenue) serves up some amazing house favorites including cold brews alongside exciting specials created on an almost daily basis which makes it a top spot for those who love to experiment with different tastes and textures without spending too much time (or money). Similarly Cafe Eclectic (699 South Cooper Street), founded in 2003, offers everything from hot beverages made with organic dependable quality Narah Espresso blends mixed with something sweet like honeycomb caramel sauce or chocolate chips; Salted caramel cappuccino; Cold brew(smooth chocolate taste with cream); Mocha frappe among other treats both simple yet sophisticated!

How can I buy bags of whole beans?

If you want to steep your own custom creations at home then look no further than Sweet Magnolia Coffee Roasters (840 Cooper St). Here their resident roaster puts his heart into crafting flavorful grounds by blending freshly roasted beans sourced from around the world before storing them like treasures until they reach their peak freshness each month when they offer subscriptions so regular fans won’t ever run low! Not only that but here you’ll get access to your very own personal roast advisor who will talk you through each order – guiding not only on how specific grinders benefit certain beans but also educating customers about quality brewing methods too whether its filter techniques; pour over percentages; aeropress temperature identifiers or more – so in no time it’ll feel like you’ve learnt enough knowledge without actually having read pages & pages worth on generic instructions online!


Whether it’s grabbing yourself something special while touring around downtown or setting up your own home drinks den – there’s something truly unique about the vibrant craft coffee culture that can be discovered throughout Memphis today! So why not grab yourself an espresso machine from one notorious chainstore situated all over town – rustle up some friends – invite them over for specialized tasting parties then let everyone be mesmerized by your newfound talents and discoveries being brewed right in front of them – giving everyone true tomato-based specialist drinks made by professionals who actually know what they’re talking about – because nothing demonstrates amazing customer service quite like visiting an artisan shop about dedicatedly tailored preferences being heard outside general norms followed within corporate chains….. #poursomefortheloveofcoffee


Q: What coffee shops are popular in Memphis?

A: Popular spots for craft coffee in Memphis include Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies, Fino Coffee Bar, and Nineteenth Street Cafe.

Q: Are there any unique coffee experiences to be had in Memphis?

A: Yes! The First Tennessee pour-over experience at Fino Coffee Bar offers visitors the chance to get a truly unique cup of coffee.

Q: What makes craft coffee different from regular coffee?
A: Craft coffee is roasted with higher precision and quality specialty beans than commercial coffees. The result is typically a intense flavor profile that stands out from traditional coffees.

Q: Which local cafes serve up craft roasts and freshly brewed cups of joe?
A: BossesLBK, Second Line Coffee Bar & Cafe, and Cafe Eclectic are known for their flavorful craft roast espressos and drip coffees.

Q: Do I need to purchase special beans for craft brewing?
A: Not necessarily! A good quality burr grinder can be used to grind fresh beans that are generally more robust than pre-ground commercial options.

Q: Are there any competitions or festivals related to the craft coffee culture in Memphis?
A: Yes – the 901 Cold Brew Festival brings together some of the city’s best cold brew brewers for an amazing day full of tastings and activities. Guests are invited to sample roasts from all over Memphis as well as take part in interactive games such as blindfolded taste tests!

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