What’s the best way to explore the Memphis murals?

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Exploring the murals of Memphis is an incredibly unique and rewarding experience. The city of Memphis has a vibrant and ever-changing street art landscape that can’t be beaten! Whether you’re exploring your own neighborhood or on a grand tour of the city, there are tons of ways to enjoy these amazing murals.

What Is A Mural?

A mural is a painting or other artwork applied directly to a wall, ceiling, or other large permanent surface. Typically, murals are made with acrylic paints but there are also many different types including oils, spray paints, aerosols, brush and rollers. Murals often depict important cultural scenes or artistic designs which can highlight local stories, people, customs and beliefs in a way that normal artwork could not represent.

The Best Way To Explore Memphis Murals

If you’re looking for the best way to explore the Memphis murals then here’s three tips to help guide you:

1) Investigate Your Own Neighborhood – No matter where you live in Memphis ,there will typically be lots of local street art pieces to find nearby. Go out on foot and wander around navigating yourself through back alleys and streets while paying attention to possible hidden gems! You may just chance upon some beautiful public artworks made up by talented local artists without even realizing it.

2) Visit Well-known Murals – Another great way to take in all that this city has to offer when it comes to street art is visiting some more popular spots specifically recognized for their murals. OpenStreetMap provides its users with several walkable paths such as ‘Mural Trail’, ‘Jazz Avenue’ & even ‘Street Art Alley’. These trails invite you in to explore wonderful works of art like never before while also guiding you from one spot to another at the same time!

3) Do Your Research – Before heading off on your mural hunt make sure you research well ahead so as not to miss any important points nor any specific pieces! With so much going on across town knowing what’s worth seeing beforehand is smart & helpful too as it prevents wasting anyone precious time within this hustle bustle world we live in today! Don’t forget bring along your camera too & don’t be afraid take snaps alongside these colorful pieces either – they’ll make for great memories captured too later down the line into times gone by… .

Exploring the murals of Memphis is an exciting experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world. With so much beauty surrounding every corner, make sure you take advantage of what this metropolis has offer by utilizing any one of our recommended methods above mentioned . No matter which route you take with your exploration mission; we guarantee that walking away from it having discovered something unexpected inside one of these spectacular walls would become one journey definitely unforgettable!


Q: What are the best places to see murals in Memphis?

A: Some of the most popular spots for mural viewing in Memphis are South Main, South Crosstown, and downtown. Additionally, views of murals can be found in areas like Overton Park, Cooper Young and Broad Avenue Arts District.

Q: How can I learn more about the murals and artists behind them?
A: A great place to find out more about the murals and the artists responsible for their creation is Memphismuraltours.com. Here you’ll find information on all the murals located throughout Memphis, as well as contact information for each artist if you want to find out more about a particular piece of artwork.

Q: Which murals should I make sure to visit while in Memphis?
A: Some of the most iconic pieces by world-renowned artists throughout Memphis include Eileen Dorsey’s “I Am A Man” memorial outside Clayborn Temple on Huling Ave., Adriana Monroy’s “Smile” mural located on Beale Street near W.C. Handy Park, and Charlie Halloween’s “Music Notes” mural located near Sun Studio.

Q: Are there any guided tours available to explore the Memphis murals?
A: Yes! If you’d like to go on a guided tour of Murals in Memphis there are several companies that run tours led by experienced guides with lots of local knowledge about each piece of artwork they show you. You can find a list of these companies online by searching “Memphis Mural Tours” or “Art Tours.”

Q: Are there any exhibits or events related to murals happening in town while I’m visiting?
A: During certain times of the year various festivals, lectures and exhibitions related to art in Memphis take place around town from time to time. To stay up-to-date with all current events related to art taking place in Memphis be sure to check out websites like Choose901 which often provides information about upcoming art-related events taking place around town.

Q: Is there any way I can purchase prints or memorabilia featuring some of my favorite Murals while visiting Memphis?

A: Yes! There are many shops throughout different parts of town (such as Midtown & Cooper-Young) where visitors can purchase prints and memorabilia related to some of their favorite Murals spotted during their visit! Additionally, certain websites like colorblockcoopsells custom merchandise specifically designed featuring artwork from Murals located around town – perfect for visitors looking for souvenirs from their trip!

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