How can I find my way around Memphis zip codes?

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How to Navigate Memphis Zip Codes?

With so many zip codes located in the greater Memphis area, it can be tough for newcomers and tourists to find their way around. The good news? We’re here to help! Here is a simple guide on navigating the Memphis zip codes with ease.

What Are Zip Codes?
Zip codes are five-digit numbers used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to identify delivery areas. They exist for every neighborhood and city across the country, helping postmen group mail by region before they deliver it.

Memphis Zip Code Categories
The greater Memphis area is divided into 14 zip codes, which fall into one of two categories: those that begin with a “3” or a “4.” A zip code beginning with “3” indicates that its corresponding city or neighborhood falls within Shelby County, while a zip code starting with “4” implies that its corresponding city or neighborhood falls within Fayette County. Cities belonging to each county include:

Shelby County: Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Germantown, Lakeland, Millington

Fayette County: Oakland, Somerville, Piperton
Finding Your Way Around Without an Address
Let’s say you want to explore Nashville without an address in mind – how would you know where to start? By using a trusted Memphis zip code map like this one from USPS , you can easily view all of the different zip codes at once and identify their locations relative to your own location. You could also utilize apps like Google Maps and Waze , which track your personal location as you traverse through different neighborhoods in your search for something new.

How Can I Check What Zip CODE I Am In ?
If you are unsure what zip code area you are currently located in (or will be traveling through), your best bet is checking out Google Maps again. In addition to providing directions from A-to-B locations , this reliable tool can accurately designate each individual address or destination via its respective ZIP Code . As an extra precautionary measure before entering any unfamiliar place , double check whatever information is listed on Google Maps against what your local police station confirms manually onsite .

We hope this quick guide has helped shine some light on navigating the many Memphis ZIP Codes ! While there may be some minor confusion when trying to tell them apart based strictly off of numbers alone , make sure to keep in mind their easy categorization between Shelby and Fayette Counties if all else fails . From there , relying heavily on trusted digital maps and apps should point you in the right direction towards discovering new treasures hidden around each corner of our lovely city today!


Q1: What is the best way to find out information about Memphis zip codes?
A1: The best place to find information about Memphis zip codes is the City of Memphis website, which contains a comprehensive list of zip codes and corresponding neighborhoods. Additionally, you can search online with keywords such as “Memphis zip codes” for more detailed results.

Q2: Are there any websites that offer map-based search tools for finding local businesses in Mempis by zip code?
A2: Yes, sites like Google Maps and Yelp both offer map-based search tools for finding local businesses in Memphis by zip code.

Q3: Does every street address within the city have a corresponding zip code?
A3: Not all street addresses will have a corresponding zip code, depending on its location relative to other street addresses and geographical features. It’s best to refer to the City of Memphis website or an online mapping tool for exact information on this topic.

Q4: What are some examples of well known areas in Memphis that have specific zip codes?
A4: Some well known areas in Memphis that are associated with specific zip codes are Midtown (37204), Downtown (38103), Cooper Young (38104) and Bartlett (38134).

Q5: How do I know if I am living in the correct area for my current postcode/zip code?
A5: You can verify your current postcode/zip code by referring to the list of official ZIP Codes covering Shelby County provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS). If you have moved recently, you can update your address at or contact them directly for assistance.

Q6: Is it possible to find out what schools are located within a certain ZIP Code area?
A6: Yes, many websites provide data on public schools and their locations geographically based on ZIP Code area boundaries. Sites like GreatSchools or SchoolDigger both offer this kind of information.

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