What is the Memphis Pyramid and what is it used for?

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What is the Memphis Pyramid?

The Memphis Pyramid, formerly known as the Great American Pyramid, is a prime example of adaptive reuse in architecture. It was originally a sports arena used by both amateur and professional athletes for games ranging from basketball to ice hockey. The unique building, which stands at 321 feet tall with a base of 500 feet per side and nine sloping sides instead of four flat ones, opened in 1991 as part of a namesake mall and theme park.

The Pyramid’s Complex History And Changing Purposes

Following the closure of the mall in 2002, the Pyramid shifted its purpose and reopened as an entertainment exotic-themed museum known as “The Pyramid Experience” in 2003. This incarnation failed to turn a profit due to unpopularity and other factors; therefore, it closed shortly after opening its doors. At this time, a property developer began working to convert it into a casino adjacent space but these plans were quickly put on hold when Bass Pro Shops purchased the pyramid for $111 million in 2009.

Bass Pro Shops’ Redevelopment Of The Memphis Pyramid

Once Bass Pro finished procuring the necessary permits for redevelopment purposes following their purchase of the Memphi pyramid,. Over five million dollars was spent renovating it into an outdoor retail store and bowling alley Fusion Entertainment Center complete with fish tanks and restaurants. The retail self-contained destination features 100-foot tall cypress trees that soar through the building’s open-air core along with hundreds of shops featuring camping gear, hunting apparel , fishing supplies , accessories , antiques , art pieces , taxidermy animals ], furniture products] and more spanning 500 acres across three floors . Additionally , there are hemmed walking trails and marshlands throughout along with two restaurants offering seafood dishes around every corner . After experiencing all that The Memphis Pyramid has to offer visitors can stay overnight at any 1 of 40 lodge rooms , cabins or condo apartments located directly on site .

Today’s Current Use – An Active Attraction At The Memphis Pyramid

Today The Memphis pyramid is perhaps most widely recognized art active attraction incoming millions af tourists yearly for its interactive events depicting all things bass fishing related including photography workshops simulators nighttime laser light shows live performances down courtyards Markets by culinary team activations this special indoors water features canoeing escape rooms miniature golf courses zip lining over indoor lagoons walking tours seasonal exhibits group team activities outdoors public beaches cajun crawfish boils scavenger hunts ghost stories Segway rides boat racing rides fireworks displays high ropes course haunted houses archery lessons stand up comedy shows along with so much more this sensation continues top remain incredibly well received by those coming from near or far because of what head busy season kicks off in April running up through October Every individual visiting can surely find something associated celebrates suggests an array adventures yet enigmatic skills Making now even more imperative tracking here each visit see what emerged next invigorating tourists future trips


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Q1. What is the Memphis Pyramid?
A1. The Memphis Pyramid (formerly known as the Great American Pyramid) is a large metal-and-glass pyramid shaped building in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. It was originally built as a 20,000 seat sports and entertainment arena in 1991.

Q2. What kind of events can be held at the Memphis Pyramid?
A2. The Memphis Pyramid has been and will continue to host various sports tournaments, concerts, conventions, corporate meetings, banquets, and other special events. The facility also serves as a venue for high school and college sporting events such as basketball tournaments, concerts, boxing matches, rodeos, circuses and more.

Q3. Are there any restaurants located within the Memphis Pyramid?
A3. Yes – Cantina Laredo Mexican restaurant is located on the first level of the pyramid with views of all the action!

Q4. Is there an observation deck or viewing area at the top of the Memphis Pyramid?
A4. Yes! There is an observation deck located at the top of the pyramid that provides spectacular aerial views overlooking Downtown Memphis and beyond!

Q5. How do I get to the Memphis Pyramid?
A5., The pyramid is centrally Located in downtown memphis and easily accessible by car or public transportation (bus or trolley). Additionally, both local taxi services and ride sharing services such as Lyft & Uber are also available for convenientgoing around town/to/from attractions like this one!.

Q6What kind of amenities does The Memphis Pyramid have to offer visitors?

A6The pyramid offers plenty of amenities such as 2 ticketing windows for purchasing show tickets;a full-service restaurant; food court with several different vendors; restrooms; merch shops; a gift shop; state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment; free Wifi access; several VIP office suites ;and much more!

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