What are the best places to eat in Memphis?

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Going out to eat can quickly become a full-blown affair when it comes time to find the best places in Memphis for a memorable evening. With everything from gastropubs to Mexican food to barbecue, finding a restaurant that stands head and shoulders above the rest can leave even the most well-versed diner utterly baffled. Fortunately, there are some amazing restaurants in Memphis that are safe bets for good food and ambiance. Here is a list of some of the best places to get your grub on when you visit Memphis.

Samantha’s Taproom & Wood Grill
Located in downtown Memphis, Samantha’s Taproom & Wood Grill is unparalleled in its offerings. Drawing from all over Europe and South America, diners find gourmet delights such as stuffed mushrooms with herbed glazed chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, and spicy black bean burgers with pepper jack cheese. With this sort of variety in store, plus wine flights at select times, what more could you ask for?

The Arcade Restaurant
What originally opened as a small diner nearly 80 years ago has grown up over time into The Arcade Restaurant – one of the top eateries in town! Famous for its retro 50’s vibe and presence on television shows such as The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, this restaurant is an icon among locals and tourists alike. Be sure not to miss out on delicacies such as their world-famous Elvis Burger – cooked with bacon and peanut butter!

Seafood Sensation
Though it may seem odd that one might be able to have seafood hundreds of miles away from any body of water – Seafood Sensation proves otherwise! Specializing in classic preparations like jumbo crab legs slathered with garlic butter sauce or Southern fried catfish fillets – topped off with sides like creamy mac ‘n’ cheese or cornbread muffins – make Seafood Sensation necessary visiting destination when Tennessee hospitality meets coastal flavors.

Rice N’ Ritzy Café
Southern cooking at its best finds its home under Rice N’ Ritzy Café’s roof. Offering up delectable specials such as succulent ribs slow cooked Beef Brisket topped off peach cobbler make this definite home away from home feel possible. Other dishes unique only to Rice N’ Ritzy Café include recipes like catfish nuggets (with special dipping sauces) ensuring customers come back begging for more meal after meal!

 Itta Bena Restaurant & Jazz Club 
  When patrons desire something spicier than regular pub fare Itta Bena makes way! Pieces magazine actually awarded Itta Bena “most romantic restaurant” due to their grandiose menu offerings including shrimp & grits; homemade lasagna stuffed with sautéed veggies; steak cuts glazed over asbestos peppers; crispy pork belly with apple slaw plus much much more! So grab your date (or dinner party) and get ready for an unforgettable night at Itta Bena!

 Central BBQ   Certainly the hot stop amongst native Memphis dwellers Central BBQ plays host to an eclectic assortment of barbeque dishes ranging from pulled pork sandwiches down homemade Brunswick Stews simmering takeout-friendly platters fit for any occasion topped off warm corn muffins ensure Central BBQ satisfies virtually all comers who enter through its doors each day weekly day year round!

        Even though these may be just some of the top picks when it comes picking eating out don’t limit yourself -Memphis meals pleasant treats many others absolutely remarkable HideThoseFaceKnowingLY say least ISOU whenever think anyway Highly recommend each place really give optimum experience sampling great city culinary repertiore! So grab people rounds explore wonderful restaurants fine city -seek adventure stories be created which last legacy itself through life time beyond… bon appetit!!!


Q. What is the best restaurant in Memphis?
A. Central BBQ is widely considered to be the best restaurant in Memphis, offering tasty barbeque and the region’s favorite sandwiches.

Q. What type of cuisine does Memphis offer?
A. You can find a variety of cuisines in Memphis such as barbeque (BBQ), soul food, Mexican food for authentic taste along with some delicious regional dishes like partner sandwiches and catfish dinner.

Q. Are there any vegan-friendly restaurants in Memphis?
A. Yes, there are several vegan-friendly restaurants in Memphis including Imagine Vegan Café, The+ inventions of soul, Trolley Stop Market and more that serve plant-based dishes to satisfy every taste bud.

Q. Is it easy to find late night eats around Memphis?
A. Yes, there are lots of places to eat late night grub around town; E’s Café on Madison Ave., Grill 83 at The Peabody Hotel and Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken are some top picks among locals for late night eats.

Q. What is the most popular spot to eat during football season?
A. Most locals flock to The Green Beetle on Madison Avenue during football season for their award winning wings and burgers as well as live music from local bands on weekends!

Q. Where can I go for riverfront dining experience?
A. Cherokee Harbor offers casual alfresco dining experience right on the Mississippi River along with live jazz music performances by talented local musicians!

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