How can I enjoy serene natural settings near Memphis?

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How to Find Serene Natural Settings Near Memphis

Memphis is a great city and has much to offer, but those looking for an escape into the natural world can find one close by. Whether you’re looking for a calm and peaceful stroll through nature or something more adventurous, there are plenty of options nearby for exploring the great outdoors. With this guide, we’ll show you how to find serene natural settings near Memphis for your next breath of fresh air.

Exploring the Great Outdoors
The best option for escaping the hustle and bustle of Memphis is to explore the great outdoors. There are over forty parks located in surrounding areas offering activities such as biking, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, camping and more. If you’d like something more intense, Shelby Farms Park offers kayaking on their 5-mile lake or take a challenging hike through the Wolf River Greenway with beautiful riverside scenery along the way. Other notable parks in the area include Meeman-Shelby Forest StatePark and Greenbelt Park – both excellent options for having fun outdoors while enjoying some solitude in nature’s beauty.

Parks & Trails Around Memphis
Beyond the great outdoors that come with area parks and trails around Memphis, you can also find some amazing nature spots tucked away in less travelled areas – perfect for getting far away from it all while also being accessible. For those wanting to escape into absolute silence with untouched forest or wonderful waterfalls nearby Fulton Elementary Nature Trail is an easy two-mile trail access point to wonderous views. You can also enjoy walks over picturesque bridges at Buck Island Trail if just want some peace and quiet with incredible views of wildlife along each step.

Peabody Hotel Duck Pond
Sometimes you may feel weighed down by all of life’s responsibilities but getting away doesn’t always require an hours-long drive. The Peabody Hotel Duck Pond situated inside downtown Memphis is a must visit spot where adorable ducks will swim across your path as you admire tulips pouring out colorful fragrances along your walk. It’s a quick getaway but will leave you with lasting peace of mind while surrounded by its greenery walls topped off with white ducklings crossing your gracefully path creating unique snap moments that will make lasting memories – ones that won’t cost too much either!

Beachwood Falls Knockout Excursions
For those looking for more challenging escapades have look no further than Beachwood Falls Knockout Excursions situated near Cossitt Library which offers ultimate outdoor adventure – think white water rafting trips down Hatchie River combined with Kayaking along rich biodiverse surroundings throughoutservice their kayak . There are plenty of skill levels available so families or groups can join in on loads fun under dual guidance ensured being certified level two whitewater rafters as well professional para guides exist tthat ensuring safety during entire journey establishing feeling unadulterated inner peace surrounded amazing scenic valleys present give anyone rush unequaled anywhere else within Tennessee region .

Final Thoughts
Oftentimes when people think about taking an escape trip they immediately focus on places far away from home without realizing beatific serene natural settings exist right at our doorstep . Withso many nearby park trails even locations like Peak body Duck P wooden Pond knockouts adventure beach wood falltaking even short one hour embark upon everlasting alpine grandeur making forget hours necessary most common vacations thus replacing stress filled emotionswith calming refreshing pieces unbeatable scripted momentany one visiting ever vulnerable provide undisturbed restitution earned rejuvenation -guaranteed make worth every mile traveled crucial any traveler deserving successful authentic highlight would enlargethis experience intention absolutely captivate adventurer planted bluegrass state grant allowing total outburst freedom desires!


Q1. Where can I find serene natural settings near Memphis?
A1. You can find serene natural settings near Memphis in places like Shelby Farms Park, Levitt Shell, Mud Island River Park and Galloway Creek Greenway.

Q2. Are there any good options for outdoor activities near Memphis?
A2. Yes! There are many outdoor activities that you can enjoy near Memphis such as camping, hiking, biking, fishing, canoeing and kayaking.

Q3. Is the weather suitable for outdoor activities near Memphis?
A3: Yes! The weather is generally good with sunny days during the summer and mild winters during the winter months making it perfect for outdoor activity year round.

Q4. Is there a way to get to these serene natural settings from the city of Memphis?
A4: Yes! Most of these areas offer easy access via public transportation or by car if you’re looking to do some sight-seeing around the city as well as take a break from urban life into nature once in a while.

Q5. Are there any good attractions nearby that offers excellent viewpoints?
A5: Yes! Places like Tom Lee Park and Pyramid Peak offer incredible views of the Mississippi River along with other sights of Downtown Memphis too!

Q6. Can I bring my pet on the trips to these serene natural locations near Memphis?
A6: Some parks may allow pets but we always recommend double checking before going out with pets due to safety reasons for both pets and wildlife living in the area.

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