How can I explore the Pyramid in Memphis, TN?

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Exploring the Pyramid in Memphis, TN: An In-Depth Guide

Memphis, Tennessee is home to many spectacular attractions, but one of the most iconic sites is the iconic Pyramid Arena. With its eye-catching design and breathtaking views of the Mississippi River, it’s no surprise that so many people flock to this architectural landmark every year. But for those who are interested in taking a deeper dive into what the Pyramid has to offer, there’s plenty to explore!

Visiting The Pyramids Exterior
The Journey Begins – One great way to get started exploring Memphis’s famous pyramid is by visiting its exterior. Its standing triangular structure is imposing and hard to miss! Visitors can walk around and take in all of its architecture glory from the exterior view before stepping indoors. No matter which angle you view the structure from outside, it’s sure an awe-inspiring sight.
Looking Inside – If you look closely when walking around the building’s outside, visitors can catch glimpses of what lies within. Inside this grand structure are enormous glass surfaces that provide a glimpse into what lies ahead inside and delivers amazing views of downtown Memphis as well as out onto Mud Island and beyond on a clear day. Guests also get a sense of how big it actually is – with its NFL stadium proportions feel like double any other indoor arenas.
Exploring The Interiors
Going Deeper -To explore beyond the outside of this impressive spectacle is an alternate world full of wonders. Going from floor to floor there’s nearly something new at each level that will amaze you and keep you enthralled for hours on end whether you’re wondering after art galleries or listening in on lectures with powerpoints presentations — there’s never enough time to do it all! As your feet touch each angle or turn, all eyes respond as if they were watching every step taken; augmented reality interactive experiences await just around corner such as an interactive museum exhibit on music playlists or Memphis core pride campaigns make this destination more than just an arena experience educating guests along the way. Must Experience Attractions– When talking about must experience attractions inside Pyramid Arena we have two main ones : Sky High Slopes ,Danger Zone Adventures . Sky High Slopes : It takes you soaring high 11 stories giving chills within seconds where every 24 seconds your slided down here comes again another ride ! Or if someone wants adrenaline rush then Danger Zone Adventures could be their perfect adventure for zip line ride skyswalks bridges rollers coasters through paths made up with breath taking scenes throughout Memphis (Got King Got Queen!!) Giveaways & Shopping– Ready set shop!! Grab everything you wish !! Ranging from amazing discounts whole year round for some amazing souvenirs/collectables/gift arcticles .From biggest brands under one roof itself (Doesn’t matter which one does shopping prefers*) Conclusion

Visiting Memphis’ Pyramid Arena should be added on everyone’s travel bucket list! It’s not only richly packed with history, but also incredibly interactive for a thoroughly engrossing experience like no other place on earth! Whether people find themselves looking for something new or continue coming back time after time – they’ll never run out things new see revisit old favorites surroundd by magical vibrations !! Afterall what else could bring wowed by every corner that guests take? let us prepare ourselfeses or next journey!!


Q: How do I get to the Pyramid in Memphis, TN?
A: The Pyramid is located in downtown Memphis at the intersection of MLK Jr. Avenue and Second Street. It can be accessed by car, taxi, bus or ride share services.

Q: What are the opening and closing hours of the Pyramid?
A: The Pyramid is open from 10am until 9pm Sunday through Thursday, and 10am until 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Q: Can I book a guided tour at the Pyramid?
A: Yes, there are several guided tours available of the historic pyramid which allows you to explore its permanent collections as well as special exhibits. You can purchase tickets online for these tours.

Q: Are there any cafeteria or food services available inside the pyramid?
A: Yes! The Great American Pyramids Café offers delicious dishes with gourmet ingredients as well foods to suit every dietary need including vegan and vegetarian options.

Q: Is photography allowed inside the pyramids?
A: Yes, photography is allowed throughout most of the pyramid subject to certain restrictions such as no flashes or commercial use without prior consent from management.

Q: Are there any other activities that I can take part during my visit to the pyramid?
A: Of course! In addition to exploring the various collections inside, you can also check out a basketball game at Bass Pro Shops Arena or even catch a show at the Cirque Du Soliel theatre located within this complex.

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