How can I experience the culture of Memphis at the Rendezvous?

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How to Experience the Culture of Memphis at The Rendezvous
Every city has a unique culture that gives it character, making it a destination worth visiting. One of the great experiences of going on trips is learning about the area and trying new things. For instance, if you’re looking for….experiencing the culture of Memphis, Tennessee–why not visit The Rendezvous?

What Is The Rendezvous?
The Rendezvous~is an iconic restaurant in Downtown Memphis since 1948. This downtown gem serves up award-winning charbroiled pork ribs as well as other delicious southern-style dishes like macaroni and cheese, pulled pork sandwiches, and baked beans. Not only does The Rendezvous serve incredibly tasty food, but also provides an amazing atmosphere to help visitors soak up all that Memphis has to offer. As soon as you walk in, it feels like stepping back into old timey tradition with its recognizable neon sign out front and vintage decor inside.

Experience Vibrant Music Culture
A trip to Memphis wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the music scene…The Rendezvous offers live bands every night from 8pm – 10pm so customers can enjoy some toe tapping tunes while chowing down on those delicious ribs! With their own house band playing jazz and blues there is no better experience to get your feet dancing while diving into locals’ favorite foods~right in historic Downtown Memphis. Another great venue nearby for experiencing more of Memphian culture is the world-renowned Beale Street: home to legendary music clubs and restaurants just around the corner from The Rendvous!

Enjoy Signature Dishes While Celebrating Cultures
In addition to outstanding musical performances during dinner, seasonal menus are always available featuring BBQed pork ribs–and other classic Soul Food favorites like fried catfish, shrimp po’ boys and peach cobbler! Diners at The Vidalia also have an array of exotic international flavors available such as Moroccan spiced dishes, falafels ,and kefta (lamb kabobs!) -all served up fresh by one of their master chefs! If you want a taste truly close to ‘home cooking’ Headquartered memphis that melt in your mouth spices then this spot…is definitely worth checking out.

A meal at The Rendezvous~offers something special for everyone; delicious food seasoned with local culture -or imported international delicacies— accompanied by lively entertainment nightly! So next time you are looking to learn a thing or two about Memphis culture through its cuisine and entertainment options don’t miss out on this opportunity – head over to The vidalia &Experience what makes Downtown Steamboat Springs worth visiting!


Q. What type of atmosphere can I expect to experience at the Rendezvous?
A. The Rendezvous provides a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to all who visit, with a focus on classic Memphis culture and hospitality. You can sip some cocktails, sample delicious Southern-style barbeque, and perhaps even enjoy a show.

Q. Is there live music at the Rendezvous?
A. Absolutely! The Rendezvous proudly features live bands from around the area that provide guests with an unforgettable musical entertainment experience. Guests are welcome to dance along and have fun while enjoying the music.

Q. Does the Rendezvous offer any other activities besides live music?
A. The Rendezvous is well known for its authentic Southern cuisine served up in large portions in a family friendly atmosphere, but they also feature karaoke nights, trivia nights, comedy shows, and more! All of these activities add to the lively atmosphere at the Rendezvous giving guests lots of options for fun.

Q. Are children allowed in the bar part of the restaurant?
A. Children are not allowed in the bar part of the restaurant due to state law; however they are more than welcome to join their families outside on their spacious outdoor patio or inside in our family-friendly dining area.

Q.What hours is The Rendezvous open?
A. The restaurant is open daily for lunch Monday-Saturday 11am-4pm; Supper Sunday-Thursday 4pm-10pm; Bar Sunday-Thursday 11am until 2am; Friday & Saturday till 3am; Sunday 12noon until 12midnight; plus brunch Saturdays & Sundays 10am untill 2pm

Q. What type of payment does The Rendezvous accept?
A. We accept cash, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard & Discover)and Apple Pay/Samsung Pay

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