Best Universities in Memphis

College is one of the defining points of a person’s life and career. It is also a practical step for any student. According to the US Census Bureau, a high school graduate could earn $34,275 a year. However, a bachelor’s degree holder would earn an average of $60,550. Even a student with a few college years under his belt would be earning $40,800 a year.

College and university is a place and time to interact with people of diverse backgrounds, to explore interests, and to prepare for a desired future career. These best universities in Memphis may be just what you are looking for.


The Best Universities in Memphis

The Baptist College of Health Sciences

In 2008, an article in The Nation’s Health stated the health workforce would lose 110,000 professionals from 2008 to 2012. By 2020, the United States would be facing a health professional shortfall of 250,000 workers. With the population of the United States growing and expected to increase by 19% in 2020, this shortfall is a public concern.


The Baptist College of Health Sciences is one of the best universities in Memphis that will contribute to making up this shortfall. The college is a private institution, that concentrates solely on undergraduate health courses. Their partnership with Baptist Memorial Health Care ensures their students get enough real-world experience to be competitive in the work force.

Students can choose from two degrees: a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Both the general and specific programs are highly specialized, and cater to every sort of health professional. Health Care Management is for students who are more interested in overseeing and understanding healthcare as an industry.

On the other hand, students who are interested in studying infectious diseases and their cures can take a degree in Biomedical Sciences. With the recent Zika virus incident and the never-ending dangers that infectious diseases present, it is a perpetually relevant course. Other courses include Medical Laboratory Science, Respiratory Care, and Radiation Therapy.

Christian Brothers University

Recent research confirms that smaller class sizes make for a better learning experience. Grades are about aptitude, but only up to a certain point. A teacher who can give enough individualized attention to each student can help them learn according to his or her learning style. This results in higher academic achievement, and more likelihood of future success.

In the Christian Brothers University, there are 1,842 students across all the programs. There are 100 full-time faculty, and the teacher-to-student ratio is 1:13. The average class size is 14. This is well within the maximum of 19 students the US News and World Report organization declared as the ideal. This teacher-to-student ratio gives every student a high chance of success.


The Christian Brothers University is empowered to award both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s degrees, by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission. The university was founded and is maintained as a Catholic university, but there is no discrimination based on faith or religion. Only 21% of the student body is Catholic.

The University offers multiple Bachelor’s degree programs in education, liberal arts courses (i.e. English, History), accounting, business administration, engineering courses, and more. The graduate programs include an MBA (Master of Business Administration) program, a Master of Arts in Catholic Studies program, a Master of Arts in education-related programs, and others.

Rhodes College

Liberal Arts colleges today are battling the perception that they are no longer necessary to train today’s workforce. They are challenged to show that they have relevance even with all the skills-based colleges around. However, 1 out of 3 Fortune 500 company CEOs have a Liberal Arts background. More than that, over 90% of employers are looking for communication and critical thinking skills, even more than specific undergraduate majors.

Rhodes College is a Liberal Arts university, with a number of minor and major subjects to choose from. Students can major in anything from Anthropology & Sociology to Computer Science. Among their diverse minors are Africana Studies, Film Studies, and Asian Studies. Professors help students choose the best combinations of studies that will contribute to their future plans and careers.


Students can even take majors and minors in interdisciplinary studies, which Rhodes College offers in partnership with other universities. These include Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Economics & International Studies, Political Economy, and many others. Students choose their major or majors in their second year, so they have a chance to explore the various subject courses that might be of interest to them.

University of Memphis

In the changing world today, universities are adapting to the needs that modern students go through. Students, more than ever, are taking on jobs while going through university. More students than ever are looking for increased work experience integrated with academics. And more universities than ever are beginning to realize that their students do not always have to be in the classroom; they can be within their own homes.

The University of Memphis is a research institution, that offers a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate degree courses to over 21,000 new students a year. It is fully equipped with resourced for disabled students, and welcomes enrollees from all states and even internationally. Students can take any course from Criminology and Criminal Justice, to Music Industry, to Biomedical Engineering.

One of the most innovative programs of the University of Memphis is the History program. It offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees, which equip the student with foundational historical knowledge, as well as the methodologies and theories needed to interpret the knowledge. This department also offers online degrees in history, which working professionals can take advantage of.


Prepare for Your Future with the Best Universities in Memphis

Different universities fit different kinds of students. Even within those universities, different course subjects fit different kinds of students. The important thing is for students to find that university that appeals to them. A large and diverse university body might be their preference, and they can find that at the University of Memphis. On the other hand, a liberal arts education might be what is most important to them, in which case they can look into Rhodes college. Regardless, finding the right university comes with its own kind of satisfaction.