Best Preschools in Memphis

The benefits of early childhood education, starting with preschool, have long been known by educators. Students who attend preschool or pre-kindergarten are much less likely to repeat a grade, more likely to achieve better in elementary upwards, and less likely to get into rash or delinquent acts. Preschool programs can reduce the number of retained and drop-out students by as much as 50%. Your child deserves one of the best preschools in Memphis.


The Best Preschools in Memphis

Mi Escuelita: Bilingual Christian Academy

Studies have proven that two-way immersion in two different languages can improve a child’s thinking and problem-solving skills. A child used to connecting two different words to the same concept is also faster in looking at one problem from different directions. The child is also faster in linking concepts together; a crucial skill for learning.


Mi Escuelita is an immersion preschool, meaning the children are spoken to only in Spanish while they are in school. Since most of the children are English speakers, they are immersed in Spanish at school and in English at home. This immersion gives them an edge for their future education and career choice. Meanwhile, in preschool, the children learn age-appropriate habits and behavior, and begin language skills.

The preschool is a Christian one, offering a Christian environment in which to learn. The method and mode of teaching is Scripture-based, encouraging teachers to teach and treat every child as an individual. The children also learn values and the importance of respect and love through this education.

Olivia’s Montessori Pre-School

The Maria Montessori approach assumes that children are willing and excited to learn from a very early age. The Montessori style of education encourages children to learn by themselves in an environment where they are free to wander around and learn naturally from activities prepared by the teachers. They are also given uninterrupted learning times, with no recess, which allows them to learn focus and attention.


Children are taught in a multiage environment, meaning they are not separated from one another by age. Older students are encouraged to teach the younger children what they have already learned, helping them strengthen their memories of those older lessons. They also learn from an early age to mentor and share with others.

Olivia’s Montessori Pre-School was founded in 1990. The structure used as a classroom is homelike in itself: a 1940s farmhouse set in 1.7 acres of land. The entire inside of the house is equipped as a Montessori preschool should be, with tangible equipment which teaches children colors, shapes, reading, numbers, and even concepts such as needs and wants.

PDS Memphis Pre-Kindergarten

The PDS Memphis Pre-Kindergarten program is attached to the overall PDS Memphis school program. PDS Memphis is an all-boys school, for children 2 years old until elementary age. The motto of the school is “Building Boys, Making Men.”

The school programs are all designed for boy-friendly training and teaching that brings them to their full potential. It has been proven that boys who learn with gender-specific teaching do not suffer from the same academic gaps that usually exist between girls and boys.


As early as Pre-Kindergarten, the boys are already introduced to subject areas such as early literacy, writing skills to develop fine motor development, foundational math (counting, patterns), music appreciation, and even an introduction to other kinds of language and culture. The activities are hands-on, with the fun and space boys need for optimal learning.

In addition to these subject areas, the boys have physical education every other day. It is an early introduction to habits of fitness and health. The children also begin basic Mandarin and Spanish that they will continue all throughout their Early Childhood learning. The strength of the school is in their boy-specific teaching which encourages academic excellence. It is no surprise that this is rated one of the best private schools in Memphis.

Find the Best Preschools in Memphis for Your Children

It is important for all children to have an early grasp of the foundational concepts that they will build upon in future years. Because of this, they should not go to any preschool that is more like a glorified daycare. A preschool should be equipped to teach and nurture a child’s love for learning, and attend to his specific learning styles. Only the best preschools in Memphis will do this for you.