Where can I find the most authentic Cajun cuisine in Memphis?

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If you are looking for the best and authentic Cajun cuisine in Memphis, then look no further! Cajun cuisine is a vital part of the Memphis food culture and has been for many years, so one simply needs to know where to go. Memphis has quite a few Cajun options that all offer up some of that legendary flavor!

Where to Find Authentic Cajun Cuisine in Memphis
There are plenty of places where one can find delicious, authentic Cajun food in Memphis. Here are just a few top recommendations:

•The Rendezvous – Established back in 1948 by Charlie Vergos, this downtown spot is consistently rated as the premier place to get ribs and barbecue in the city. But it also serves up some fantastic Cajun specialties like crawfish etouffee, jambalaya, gumbo and more. Plus, it also offers limited-time specials featuring Nashville Hot Fish or Oysters featuring their signature spice blend.

•Gus’s Fried Chicken – Opened all the way back in 1953, this beloved eatery is home of some incredibly fiery fried chicken that has become almost world famous! Alongside these amazing hot wings and traditional sides sits some tasty items from the Bayou like Blackened Catfish Po Boy Sandwiches or BBQ Shrimp on French Bread with horseradish sauce and roasted red pepper mayo. Delicious!

•Mollie Fontaine Lounge – This historic bar offers guests an old-school sophistication with its decor complete with vintage antiques and antique chandelier lighting. They also provide visitors with marvelous meals inspired but Creole cooking such as Pimento Cheese Balls made with pimento cheese & crispy bacon bits or House-Smoked Salmon served with toast points & cranberry almond cream fraiche. This certainly makes Mollie Fontaine Lounge a top Cajun destination in Memphis!

•High Cotton Brewing Co.- The first ever brewery restaurant to open within an upscale hotel is located right here in Midtown memphis. One highlight from their diverse menu includes the Crawfish Étouffée Fritter appetizer – delicious deep-friend nuggets packed with flavor – coming from Chef Lucian Prellwitz’s Puccini family recipe at least four generations old!

So there you have it – 4 great restaurants where one can find truly remarkable Cajun dishes served up right here in Memphis! Each carrying on this historical culinary tradition while providing guests a unique take on this classic cuisine style anywhere else they choose to visit. If you need your bayou fix anytime soon, these spots should definitely be at med near the top of your list!


Q1. Is there any Cajun food in Memphis?
A1. Yes! Memphis is home to many authentic Cajun restaurants offering dishes inspired by Louisiana cuisine.

Q2. What types of Cajun food should I expect at these restaurants?
A2. You can expect dishes like seafood gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish etouffee, po’boys, oyster stew and more on the menu.

Q3. What is the best place to find authentic Cajun food in Memphis?
A3. One of the most popular spots for authentic Cajun cuisine is ANGELO’S FINE FOOD in Cooper-Young district. They offer a wide variety of traditional cajun dishes including jambalaya, crawfish etoufee, po’boys, and more!

Q4. Are there other Cajun restaurants I should consider trying?
A4. Absolutely! The Garden Cafe Sanderson Corner serves a delicious gumbo as well as other classic Louisiana dishes, while Rizzo’s Diner and Central BBQ are great places for sandwiches with a kick of spice!

Q5. Are these traditional Cajun restaurants family friendly?
  A5. Yes! Many of these Memphis-based restaurants are suitable and popular for families looking to enjoy a unique dining experience together!

Q6. Are vegan options available at these restaurants?
  A6: Most restaurants offer some vegan-friendly items such as veggie jambalaya or vegan po’boys which can be substituted with plant-based proteins such as marinated tempeh or mashed sweet potatoes and beans!

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