Where can I find the best spots for farm-to-table dining in Memphis?

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Where to Eat Farm-to-Table in Memphis?

Do you want to indulge in farm-fresh, locally-sourced dishes that are full of flavor, freshness, and fun? If so, you will want to explore some of the best spots for farm-to-table dining in Memphis.

What is Farm to Table Dining?
Farm to table dining is when a restaurant sources local ingredients from nearby farms and ranches such as poultry, eggs, seafood, vegetables, fruits and specialty products like cheese or honey. This helps support local farmers and promote sustainable practices with healthier ingredients for diners. The goal of this kind of dining is to bring the freshest ingredients right from the farm straight to your plate.

Here Are The Best Spots For Farm-to-Table Dining In Memphis
1. erleen’s homecooking – Located on Lamar Avenue erleen’s homecooking is known for their locally sourced ingredients and made from scratch meals including farm raised catfish and crispy fried chicken strips. Plus all their sides are heavenly. They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
2. River Oaks Restaurant – Founded in 2008, River Oaks Restaurant has been offering flavor packed ‘comfort food’ made with quality local ingredients like bacon wrapped meatloaf or pear glazed salmon cakes that will make your taste buds dance! And if you’re looking for something truly unique try one of their vegetarian creations featuring eggplant parmesan without sacrificing any flavor or texture classic carnivore favorites get! ∨3 Ubon’s – Ubon has been serving up hand crafted meats accompanied by signature sauces like smoked tomato mustard BBQ since 2002. Guests often rave about the slow smoked pulled pork shoulders – its succulent smoky taste should not be missed! And each order comes with complimentary alongside slow simmered Crescent City greens that are a joy in itself! .
4. Neckbone Deli & BBQ –The chronically over crowded Neckbone Deli & BBQ offers diners small batch barbecue with a regional flair made with organic pork raised at Chalk Bluff Farms near Lumberton Mississippi prepared using regional woods like cherry oak and hickory sure to complement any Southern meal experience! Surely it doesn’t get much better than that (except maybe their weekly secret menu) .

Conclusion: From slow smoked pulled pork shoulders oozing with smoky flavor brilliance at Neckbone Deli & BBQ; succulent fried catfish at Erleen’s Homecooking; maple syrup kissed came atRiver Oaks Restaurant; fresh vegetarian creations spin off Classics at UBON’S; Memphis has no shortage of fantastic eateries dedicated to sourcing local produce making for an incredibly memorable culinary journey whenever in town , so why not indulge today?


Q1. What is farm-to-table dining?
A1. Farm-to-table dining is a restaurant concept in which the food served has been procured and served directly from local farms or producers, rather than through commercial food distributors.

Q2. Are there any establishments in Memphis that specialize in this type of dining?
A2. Yes, there are multiple establishments in Memphis that specialize in farm-to-table dining, including but not limited to The Dandelion, Anjou Restaurant and Bar, and Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen.

Q3. What ingredients can I expect to find on the menu at these restaurants?
A3. Ingredients available on the menu will depend on the season and what is locally sourced, but some standard offerings include fresh vegetables, fruits crafted cocktails, locally raised meat and fish dishes prepared with an emphasis on sustainability and supporting nearby farmers.

Q4. What location offers the best options for farm-to-table dining in Memphis?
A4. Midtown Memphis offers a wide range of farm-to-table restaurants as well as farmer’s markets so diners can confidence they are getting the freshest ingredients around town! Other neighborhoods withfarm-to table eateries include Cooper Young and East Memphis/Germantown area.

Q5 Is there anything else I should know before eating out at one of these places?
A5 Most likely your preferred establishment will ask you what dietary restrictions you may have so ensure you let them know prior to your reservation being booked if applicable! Additionally it’s helpful to get an idea of their menus online ahead of time as well to guarantee further the meal you expect when visiting them!

Q6 Are these restaurants affordable?
A6 Yes, most farm to table restaurants are very affordable offering competitive food prices to other traditional eateries competing identity price points or locations!

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