Where can I find guided ghost tours in Memphis?

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Where Can I Find Guided Ghost Tours in Memphis?
Are you looking for an exciting way to experience the history of Memphis and its surrounding areas? Well, why not consider taking a guided ghost tour! Discover where ghosts walk the streets of Memphis as you embark on an unforgettable journey through haunted locations.

What Is a Guided Ghost Tour?
A guided ghost tour is a guided walking or driving tour that allows people to explore and experience a haunted place first-hand. It’s often led by an experienced paranormal investigator who can tell you the backstories and telltale signs that make specific places so spooky. Your guide will take you to some of the most notorious or historically fascinating haunted sites in the city like Forest Hill Cemetery, Vance Avenue, The Peabody Hotel and more. These tours aim to educate visitors about paranormal activity, history and folklore all while having some chills up your spine!

Why Take a Guided Ghost Tour?
Guided ghost tours are special because they offer unique perspectives on a city’s past. In addition to giving visitors an entertaining overview of major historical events and noteworthy figures that shaped the area, they also provide fascinating stories of supernatural activity that only locals would know about – and what better way to learn than at some of these eerie locales! Besides being educational experiences, these tours provide just enough scares while still remaining safe for kids (as long as parental discretion is used). Plus, if true paranormal phenomena do occur during the tour then your host will normally be able to explain it right away.

Where Can I Find Guided Ghost Tours in Memphis?
There are various companies offering guided ghost tours throughout Memphis – whether by foot or car. For example, Terror Behind Walls is among one of our favorites with their 2-mile driving adventure around East Shelby County where guests explore six different hotspots where paranormal activity has been reported over time. Another company worth checking out is Tennessee Haunted Houses when open seasonally which offer seasonal fun seeking memorable thrills from interactive actors dressed like ghosts who help make this attraction one of the scariest attractions in Tennessee! Finally there’s African Americanghost Tours which uses professional storytellers to deliver tales from deep within music city’s past about horrific events many locals have faced along with information residents may not be aware of like how one rural community in northern Mississippi was caught off guard by mob violence triggered by racial tension more than 100 years ago!

If you’re looking for an entertaining way to exploreMemphis’shistoryand experience supernatural activity firsthand, then takinga guided ghost tour might just be perfect for you! With knowledgeable guides leadingyou throughthe streets of town filled with spooky stories toovercomeyour fearsor learn moreabout the area’s infamous past – there’s no tellingwhat secrets lurk withinMemphisfor those brave enoughto venture outinto its uncharted territory. So go aheadpack your bagsand head downtownfor abreathtaking journey fullof surprises waiting around every corner – who knewdiscoveringthe area’s mysteries could be socompellingly entertaining!


Q. What is a guided ghost tour?
A. A guided ghost tour is a tour of a location, such as Memphis, that focuses on historical sites and locations said to be haunted by ghosts or supernatural activity. The tours are led by experienced guides who tell stories about the history and folklore associated with each site.

Q. How long do ghost tours last?
A. Ghost tours can last anywhere from 1-2 hours according to the company providing the tour.

Q. Are there any age restrictions for participating in a guided ghost tour?
A. Some companies offering guided ghost tours may have age restrictions, while others allow those of all ages to participate. It’s best to research the specific company offering the tours before signing up to ensure they accommodate your needs if you plan to bring young children along.

Q. Is there an admission fee for taking part in a guided ghost tour?
A. Yes, generally speaking most companies offering these types of tours charge an admission fee which covers the cost of your guide and related expenses associated with running the tour such as insurance costs etc.. Rates will vary based on whether or not promotional discounts are available at certain times as well as if additional services are included (e.g., snacks, transportation etc..).

Q. Can I book a Memphis ghost tour online or do I need to call ahead?
A Most companies offer online booking through their website with some also allowing customers to book by phone if necessary but this varies with each provider so be sure to check prior to making arrangements for your trip.

Q: Are there any special requirements for taking part in a Memphis ghost tour?
A: Some companies might require that you bring identification proving you’re over 18 years old depending on which type of site you’re visiting although this isn’t always mandatory so it’s important to research ahead of time in order find out what regulations apply in regards to each specific location before making plans for your trip!

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