Where can I find engaging children’s activities in Memphis?

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Are you looking for engaging children’s activities in Memphis? Whether it’s classes or summer camps, there are great options available to keep your children safely entertained.

Memphis offers a variety of activities for kids. From museums and performing arts centers to hands-on educational experiences, the Bluff City has access to some of the most fun and inspirational places around. Here are just a few of Memphis’ hottest destinations for kids and families:

The Children’s Museum Of Memphis:
The Children’s Museum of Memphis is an interactive learning environment that encourages discovery through play. The museum offers science exhibitions, a robotics lab, an art studio and more — all designed to spark curiosity and exploration among young learners. The grounds also feature an outdoor play area with slides and walking trails perfect for exploring nature.

Memphis Zoo:
Take your family on a wild adventure at the Memphis Zoo! Home to over 4,500 animals — including giant pandas — this award-winning zoo offers captivating exhibits where kids can interact with wildlife from all over the globe. The zookeepers also put on shows like penguin feedings that add a personal touch to each visit. Plus, there are plenty of recreational areas where you can bring lunch or get refreshments before moving on to the next exhibit!

AutoZone Park:
Score big at AutoZone Park! This state-of-the-art stadium hosts minor league baseball games almost every day during its season (April–August). Aside from offering great views of downtown Memphis, there are plenty of concession stands and other attractions that make the experience even more memorable. Stop by for batting practice before first pitch or grab some cotton candy during inning breaks!
Spectacle Theater:
When it comes time for movie night, head over to Spectacle Theater in Cooper Young for dinner and a flick! Enjoy classic films on the theater’s refurbished vintage projector system while dining on popcorn shrimp plates, vegan entrées, specialty sundaes and more at this casual eatery/movie house bonanza. There’s also upgraded seating so you can lean back with added comfort while watching your favorite flicks!

Libraries Throughout Memphis:
Last but not least is one of many libraries across town – from Berclair Library to White Station Library – which offer reading clubs, study groups and other youth programs throughout the year including special events Christmas celebrations – making them one of the best places parents can find entertaining children’s activities in the city.

With so many great venues situated throughout Memhis offering diverse experiences like these , When it comes time to keeping your kids entertained ,Luckily Memhis stand ready with countless possibilities .So explore all these astonishing places with your young ones today !


Q: What type of children’s activities are available in Memphis?
A: Memphis offers a variety of engaging children’s activities, including interactive museums, various outdoor parks and trails, fun family attractions, exciting sports leagues, and other fun educational programs.

Q: Are there any free or budget-friendly children’s activities in Memphis?
A: Yes! Several organizations offer free or discounted events throughout the year for families to enjoy in Memphis. These include summer music festivals at local parks, cultural celebrations in various neighborhoods around the city, and other free community events.

Q: Is there somewhere I can find all the events occurring around Memphis for kids?
A: Yes! The City of Memphis Parks department has an online guide with listings on upcoming youth programs and events happening around the city. Additionally, you can check local newspapers and magazines for updates on special seasonal celebrations or day trips happening throughout the year.

Q: What places should I visit in Memphis with my family that are kid-friendly?
A: Memphis has several attractions suitable for families traveling together that include indoor/outdoor play spaces like Children’s Museum of Memphis and Shelby Farms Park & Greenline; interactive experiences such as water rides at Splash Island Waterpark; cultural exhibits such as Graceland; as well as memorable animal encounters with Pink Palace Museum’s dinosaurs.

Q: Are there lessons available to teach my child new skills while visiting Memphis?
A: Absolutely! Many organizations in the area promote interactive classes such as art & craft workshops at Dixon Galleries & Gardens, cooking clubs at EPI Center Food Hub Inc., youth theatre classes at Germantown Community Theatre; sports leagues featuring basketball, soccer, softball at Smith Park Program Complex; as well as many other exciting interactive learning opportunities.

Q: Where can I find additional resources about planning kid-friendly activities when visiting Memphis?
A: Visitmemphis.com is a great reference guide for families looking to plan their next excursion into the city to explore all that it has to offer your family’s unique interests and preferences. Additionally, you may want to contact local tourist centers for more information about upcoming events they have planned throughout the year as well as tips for taking advantage of all that this amazing city has to offer!

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