Where can I enjoy scenic bike rides in and around Memphis?

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Are you looking for an adventure to explore something far from your everyday life? Memphis, Tennessee is the perfect place to escape and enjoy some scenic bike rides. As a cyclist, you may find yourself wondering about the different opportunities to explore the area and take in breathtaking views while on your bicycle. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist these incredible bike trails in and around Memphis have something special in store for everyone. In this article, we will explore where you can find some of the best bike trails in and around Memphis offering the best views.

Rurban Bike Trail
For those who are looking for a peaceful and serene trail to ride on, Rurban Bike Trail is the place to visit. Located outside of Shelby Farms Park just off Walnut Grove Road, this 6-mile trail takes you on a winding path past several scenic lakes and wooded areas providing stunning panoramic views throughout the entire journey. Popular among visitors during spring time due to its distinct smells and colorful blooming flowers (this area of park contains 500 acres of wetlands), fall is also another great time to visit as it remains fairly unpopulated even during peak season providing plenty of solitude for hikers and cyclists alike.

Crooked Lane Pathway
If you are looking for something more adventurous, Crooked Lane Pathway should be added to your list options! This 10 mile pathway consists of four distinct trails: Turkey Creek Trail with wildflowers along its paths; Old Hickory Trail running through farmlands; Possum Creek Trail offering thick forests with spectacular natural scenery; Potter’s Field with exquisite hills that offer picturesque views at every turn! Although each trail presents different landscapes within it, all share paved surfaces ensuring comfort while weaving through the spectacular scenery outside. With 535 feet elevation gain, the terrain is moderate enough making this track suitable even for beginners just learning how to mount their cycles.
Addison Kirk Overlook
A short distance away from Macon Square Parkways lies Addison Kirk Park which overlooks three spectacular lakes from its sandy hilltops making it perfect spot for picnicking or leisurely riding along one of its two miles long pathways surrounding widely spread out wooden decorations such as stilt villages & observation decks. The view from top is truly mesmerizing extending up until Shelby Farms State Park! This makes it popular spot among locals ready currency utilizing technological marvels like E-bikes or swanky gearless bicycles truly raising their outdoor escapade! Despite being less than 4 miles long terrain varying slightly between steep & level so one has an eventful memory while riding & also allowing decent walking distances if pushed unobtrusively thereby eliminating any spills whatsoever!!
Shelby Farms Park Greenline
Shelby Farm park Greenline offers 21 miles section arguably offering most Spectacular sceneries during your ride from eastern part gliding through Midtown near Cordova all way towards Statesville Home Depot near shopping mall as end point (while 20miles constitute classic scenery there’re optionals 2 miles loops at Cottonwood Trails). Opened first as West Pine Greenline earlier in fall 2011 was soon extended adding additional spoke arms & connecting many nearby neighborhoods eventually finishing construction mid 2016 since then attracting huge flock generating continuous business return given massive popularity that simultaneously created monumental shift toward urban cycling public infrastructure & culture being hailed globally! Aside passing few other local destinations like Harry Harley Davidson particularly scenic water features namelyof Jericho creek & lols wells kish creek act true cherries topping extreme value pie!!!

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Q: What is the best route to take for a scenic bike ride in Memphis?
A: The Shelby Farms Greenline, a six-mile paved trail along the Wolf River, is one of the most popular routes for cycling enthusiasts. The pathway follows tree-lined paths and riverside views, so you can take in fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Q: Are there any safety tips for biking in Memphis?
A: Yes. As with any type of outdoor activity, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. Always stick to designated pathways and trails when possible to ensure you’re riding safely away from traffic. Additionally, wear protective gear such as a helmet and use lights at night to make sure other vehicles see you on the road.

Q: Are there guided tours and bike rental options available?
A; Yes! Explore Bike Share offers daily or monthly passes that provide access to their network of 300+ rental bikes located throughout downtown Memphis and surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, Revolutions Bicycle Coop offers free guided tours every Saturday where you can explore the sights around town with experienced guides who will show you the safest routes for an enjoyable ride.

Q: Are there other scenic rides nearby Memphis?
A: Yes! Just outside of town lies Harbortown Trails which boasts numerous recreational areas perfect for biking including riverside trails with incredible views, forested paths surrounded by shade trees and winding hills offering breathtaking views of natural beauty. A must-see location for any cyclist looking to really experience nature!

Q: Is it affordable to go biking in Memphis?
A: Absolutely! Most rental fees include insurance coverage as well as walk-up or mobile access so you can easily rent a bike without breaking your budget. With Explore Bike Share’s pass options starting at just $5 a day or $30 a month it’s very easy to enjoy all that Memphis has to offer on two wheels!

Q: Where can I find more information about biking in Memphis?
A; For additional information about bike routes, safety tips, top attractions near each pathway and more you can visit Explore Bike Share’s official website here https://www.explorebikeshare.com/#memphis_start . You’ll also find helpful maps that show current locations offered through their system plus plenty of promotional giveaways for those hesitant but excited about getting back into cycling!

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