Where can I enjoy a variety of musical genres in Memphis’s live scene?

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Where to Enjoy Music in Memphis
Is there any city better for music lovers than Memphis? With its rich history of Delta Blues, Gritty Soul, and Rock-n-Roll you can find almost any type of music playing live somewhere in this great city. From iconic clubs like the Rum Boogie Café to historic venues like The Levitt Shell; anyone looking for a destination with a variety of musical genres will find plenty to experience.

The Iconic Clubs:
When it comes to venues in Memphis, there are few that stand out more than the legendary Rum Boogie Café. Located on Beale Street –the famous music mecca—Rum Boogie serves up some of the best blues and rock-n-roll bands around. If you’re looking for an unparalleled live music experience few places can match the energy at Rum Boogie.

For something more intimate and eclectic, you could try Lamplighter’s Lounge at Midtown Crossing Grill – a truly unique spot where you’ll find acoustic open mic nights every Wednesday as well as Cajun, Zydeco, Tex Mex Blues and early Roots Rock style bands throughout the weekend. Don’t forget Stella’s bar & grill either – they host live Americana/roots/folk bands every night which is perfect for those who are nostalgic or who enjoy traditional style music.

The Historical Venues :  
Memphis also has many historical venues that feature different genres of music each night! A fan favorite is The Levitt Shell in Overton Park which hosts a variety of free concerts showcasing local artists from all around Memphis throughout May and July; from jazz greats to indie hop-hop acts – this place has something for everyone! And if you want even more variety, check out Jerry Lee Lewis’ Café & Honky Tonk in Downtown Memphis, which not only features country legends but also rising stars from all genres.

If Jazz is your thing then make sure to check out Wiseacre’s Taproom Live Open Mic Night on Mondays or even Goner Records in Midtown; both venues offer up some high quality Jazz mixed in with Funk and Soul classics by local veterans as well as some emergent talents just making their way into the scene!

Conclusion :
 Given Memphis’ strong musical heritage it’s no surprise that there are so many vibrant places to explore different musical styles from across the board. Whether you choose one of the more iconic clubs like Rum Boogie Cafe or visit one of Memphis’ historic art spaces like The Levitt Shell – you’re sure to have a memorable night no matter what genre suits your fancy!


Q: Where can I find live music in Memphis?
A: The Memphis music scene includes many live venues that feature a variety of genres from local, national and international artists. including blues, jazz, rock and roll, funk, soul and more. You can find shows at clubs throughout the city as well as larger venues like the Orpheum Theater and the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts.

Q: Is there an age restriction for attending live performances?
A: Age requirements vary depending on the venue and event. Most 21+ age-restricted events will be marked accordingly in advance or you can check with the venue prior to arriving. For other shows it’s best to assume minors need to be accompanied by an adult.

Q: Are there family-friendly live music events available?
A: Yes! Memphis is home to some great family friendly events – like summer outdoor concerts held at Overton Park – which showcase musical talent from our local community. And there are also some attractions like Graceland and Beale Street where you can catch live bands playing throughout the day.

Q: What genres of music are popular in Memphis?
A: As Music City USA, Memphis has long been renowned for its stellar blues (B.B King), soul (Otis Redding) and gospel musicians (The Staple Singers). Jazz is also huge here with venues such as Rum Boogie Cafe regularly hosting jazz nights each week or call up some of downtown’s newly drastically covered alleys–where you’ll hear everything from ragtime, traditional bluegrass to RAFM metal bands starting up as soon as nightfall approaches .

Q: What’s a unique music experience I can get in Memphis?
A: One of the most distinctive and special musical experiences is seeing blues musicians performing live on Beale Street! The iconic street runs through downtown Memphis, lined with classic bars that have hosted these legendary musicians since the 1900s. You’ll feel like you travel back in time when catching a show – just don’t forget your earplugs!

Q: Do I need tickets to attend all shows and concerts?
A: This depends on your location or venue; often smaller clubs do not require tickets while larger concerts at venues such as The Peabody Opera House may be ticketed events which may be purchased online or by box office prior to show night.

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