Where can I discover the thriving Memphis craft beer scene?

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Ready to discover Memphis’ thrilling craft beer landscape? From classic American styles infused with local ingredients, psychedelic swamp IPAs and barrel-aged sours, the thrill of the hunt for top drafts never stops in Memphis. There truly is something for everyone here!

Where Can I Discover the Thriving Memphis Craft Beer Scene?

If you’re looking for an exciting craft beer scene, Memphis won’t disappoint. This vibrant city has a thriving brewery culture that includes everything from classic American-style lagers to funky IPAs and sour ales. Here are some great places to start your exploration:

1. The High Cotton Brewery:
Located in downtown Memphis’ popular South Main district, the High Cotton Brewery offers a wide variety of tasty beers. You’ll find traditional favorites like their signature ESB (Extra Special Bitter) alongside more creative brews such as their Summer Tripel aged with herbs and spices or their Lactose Coconut Milk Stout. Stop by the taproom to sample some of their classics or pick up a four-pack to go!

2. Wiseacre Brewing Company:
Wiseacre Brewing Company is another favorite spot in Memphis’ beer scene. Located just outside downtown, it’s known for its eclectic range of styles such as its award-winning Tiny Bomb American Pilsner, Ananda IPA and shotgun Wedding stout series. Its Tap Room is equipped with board games and free tours of the facility on Fridays at 5 pm—definitely worth checking out!

3. Crosstown Brewing Company:
This relatively new brewery located in Midtown Memphis has quickly gained a serious cult following with its delicious selection of beers including Double Citra Pale Ale Kooky Porter and Fenugreen Wit beer (a Belgian style wheat ale). The large beer garden and food trucks offer plenty of entertainment outside while events like annual crawfish boils keep locals coming back for more!

4. Ghost River Brewing Co.: If you’re looking for something even more unique, head over to Ghost River Brewing Co., which offers flavors like their CHILL Spicy Honey Wheat Ale made using local honey and dry chilis or Revival Good Golly Miss Molly blackberry blonde Ale made with locally sourced strawberries, blackberries & blueberries. They also have regular charity events like Beer Wars fundraiser challenge where proceeds benefit various non-profits around town –– great way to give back while getting your fix of craft beer!

5. Meddlesome Brewing Co.: Last but certainly not least is Meddlesome Brewing Co., whose subscribeble pilot series “Enter The Rabbit Hole” allows guests to sample bold creations like the Imperial Red Rye IPA usually only available once a month inside its taproom –– perfect place to get your hands on something truly special! Visiting brewers will also find numerous collaboration projects between local craft breweries across Tennessee so don’t forget to do some sampling there too!

So wherever your beer explorations take you in peculiar little ‘nola -from South Main district all the way through Midtown –– there’s something deliciously exciting waiting around every corner in Memphis Craft Beer landscape! Enjoy Your Trip!


Q1: What popular craft beer producers are located in Memphis?
A1: The most popular craft beer producers in Memphis are the Wiseacre Brewing Company, Crosstown Brewing Co., Ghost River Brewing, High Cotton Brewery and Memphis Made Brewing.

Q2: How do I visit a local brewery in Memphis?
A2: To visit a local brewery in Memphis, you can use the Breweries Near Me Guide to locate and contact all of the breweries in your area. To visit any one or multiple breweries, you should make sure to check their opening hours and contact them to book a visit if necessary.

Q3: What types of events can I expect at a local brewery?
A3: Most local breweries offer seasonal events, such as Pride celebrations, live music events, trivia nights, beer-tasting events and food pairings.

Q4: Are the local breweries wheelchair accessible?
A4: Yes – many of the local breweries are wheelchair accessible with ramps or other accommodations for people with limited mobility. It is best to contact individual breweries prior to arrival if you have any specific accessibility needs.

Q5: Can I bring my dog when I visit a brewery?
A5: Generally speaking, dogs and other pets are not allowed inside most bars and pubs. However, some may allow well-behaved pets outside so long as they remain on-leash at all times; this should be verified by contacting individual establishments prior to visiting them.

Q6: Is it possible to take tours through Memphis’ craft beer scene?
A6: Absolutely – there are several companies that offer guided tours through the different brewery locations around Memphis. These tours usually include tastings at each stop along with information about the history of brewing within the city. Most tours must be booked ahead of time so contact individual tour companies for more information on scheduling and availability.

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