What unique souvenirs can I find in Memphis?

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Memphis has gained worldwide acclaim for its unique blend of blues, barbecue, and rock’n’roll that echo from Beale Street throughout the entire Mississippi Valley and beyond. So why not capture a piece of this distinctive spirit for yourself? Here are some old-school and new-school souvenirs to mark your trip to the Bluff City with:

Unique Souvenirs From Memphis
You don’t have to hop on a flight across the country to get a feel of Memphis. Instead, take home one of these souvenirs that capture the exciting flavor of a city alive with sounds, sights, and tastes.

What better way to honor your visit than by taking home some genuine music memorabilia? From history-steeped records at legendary Sun Studio to hand-carved guitars in charming shops like Mud Island Music & Guitars, there’s something here for every musical taste. For those looking for something more affordable—but just as classic—stop by Hi Records store for t-shirts and other swag items from Elvis Presley’s original recordings.

A tasty reminder of your trip awaits at places like Rendezvous Charcoal Ribs where you can pick up their famous dry rub seasoning blend or jarred sauces like tangy “SIA Barbeque Sauce”. There are also local craft beer breweries selling speciality mugs and glasses through which you can sip some award-winning brews afterwards! And if you’re looking for something sweet, head over to Gibson’s Donuts where you can pick up doughnuts sprinkled with powdered sugar or drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Apparel often makes great keepsakes but nothing quite exemplifies the spirit of the Bluff City better than its traditional art form. Richly colored items such as ‘SoulShine Apparel’ cotton t-shirts depicting Memphis landmarks or various paintings inspired by famed artists such as Michael Knight are truly begging for attention among all streetwear lovers so don’t forget about them when searching! And if you prefer something more subtle – try grabbing either triksuits or selvage denim jeans from ‘Goodie Brand Apparel’.

Whether you want a souped-up memphis tune livening up your dancefloor back home, delicious sauces bursting with fragrant hickory smoke, beautifully crafted beer mugs showcasing local microbrewery logos, stylish soulful tees reflecting historic murals & culture… or an original oil painting that channels iconic musicianship throughout its lines – no one will deny that Memphis’ souvenirs have lots to offer! So be sure not to forget making more lasting impressions on top of what’s already been experienced during your time spent in this unique city … without going too heavy on baggage fees 😉


Q: What kind of unique souvenirs can I find in Memphis?
A: You can find a wide variety of unique and memorable keepsakes from your trip to Memphis. Some popular souvenirs include blues-themed merchandise like t-shirts, shot glasses, postcards and refrigerator magnets featuring images of the city and its many attractions. You can also find more locally produced items like handmade jewelry, artisanal foods, home decor items and books about the city’s history.

Q: Are there any special stores in Memphis where I can buy souvenirs?
A: There’s plenty of places in Memphis where you can shop for keepsakes or gifts to take home with you from your visit. Popular stores like A Piece ofMemphis and Folklore feature unique items made by local artisans as well as bric-a-bracs related to Elvis Presley or other famous musicians who got their start in the city. The shops at Graceland are also great places to pick up something for yourself or for someone else.

Q: What type of clothing can I purchase as a souvenir from my trip to Memphis?
A: Clothing is an excellent way to remember your trip! There are a variety of different styles that you could choose from including t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, hats and even jackets with printing related to specific points of interest in Memphis such as the Peabody Hotel Ducks or Sun Studio. You might also be able to find novelty printed items such as socks or leggings if you look around!

Q: Can I purchase food or drink related products as souvernirs while visiting Memphis?
A: Absolutely! Food is a big part of the culture in Memphis so there are lots of options when it comes to purchasing food related products. Consider bringing home some jars of salsa made with local ingredients, bottles of BBQ sauce from a local restaurant or even sweet treats such as pralines or pecan brittle! As far as drinks go, consider picking up some beer brewed down in Music City USA or some bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey produced right outside Dynasty.

Q: Are there any good places where I could purchase music related memorabilia from my time in Memphis?
A: Absolutely! There are several great stores around town that specialize in music memorabilia and records both new and used. Goner Records is an independent record store located near Cooper Young which has been selling vinyls since 1993. Midtown Music Company is another great spot carrying new releases and records from all types legendary bands along with dozens upon dozens of concert posters perfect for collectors.

Q: Where can I purchase art pieces that were made locally during my trip to Memphis?

A: Throughout the city there are several galleries exhibiting artwork by local Memphians so make sure you explore them while taking your tour around town! The Broad Avenue Arts District includes numerous galleries ranging from contemporary paintings to sculptures made entirely soldered metal pieces salvaged out junk yards. Other notable galleries include Crosstown Arts on North Watkins Street (displays multimedia works)and David Lusk Gallery (specializing modern painting).

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