What unique events and festivals are happening in Memphis this weekend?

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Are you ready to experience a blast of events, festivals, and fun activities around Memphis this weekend? Well, whether you’re just visiting or live here permanently, there are plenty of exciting arrangements for everyone to partake in. From art showcases to music marathons – Memphis promises one hell of an amazing weekend.

What Can You Expect This Weekend In Memphis?

The city has a lot to offer with cultural gatherings happening throughout the neighborhood and nearby areas. Here are some of the most-anticipated occasions that promise entertainment and enjoyable time for both adults and kids.

Live Music & Entertainment Events
No matter what you’re into – pop, country, rap or rock music – Memphis knows how to keep it party-Mode on! With gigs by internationally acclaimed performers at clubs including Hi-Tone Café and Minglewood Hall as well as several outdoor concerts all around town – there’s something special lined up every week. So get your jamming shoes on and get ready for a rocking good time!

Africa in April Cultural Awareness Festival
This three-day fest starts on April 23 2021. It’s time for us to learn about various African cultures direct from Africans themselves through food tasting sessions, workshops, drumming circles alongside contemporary African art exhibitions. The highlight is live concerts filled with Afrobeat sounds along with dance performances. Wouldn’t it be great to move your body and shake away all your stress under the night sky?

Swan Ball: A Night Out Under the Stars
Get all glammed for Swan Ball! Held once every year at March Logo 901 Volunteers Blvd over 7 PM onwards – it’s when all the dainty ladies come in their colorful dresses with their elegant men in tuxes & bowties! Catch live music presentations lighten up the night full of delightful outdoor meals coursed out by local eateries along with some jaw dropping magical firework displays over Mud Island River Park that’ll leave you spellbound! A delightful evening soiree indeed!

Memphis Balkan Food Festival

For all our vegan bon vivants out there looking forward to a gastronomic delight only found right here in Tennessee – look no further than working off those taste buds reeling back through history among beautiful home recipes brought alive over here since 1912! Such hearty street food will make your bellies full while grooving to traditional Serbian weddings marches jamming up a groove line across South Main Arts District between Southampton Street & Huling Avenue starting from 10 AM till late afternoon day breaks from 11 PM onwards too early mornings after!


Ready yourself for an incredible weekend ahead this Spring season amid loads of fun activities buzzing around town hosted by friendly locals just as eager as anybody else is already shaping up your moods amplified over vibrant cultural festivities assured only here in Memphis !


Q: Are events and festivals for all ages?
A: Yes, Memphis is home to events and festivals for people of all ages. From car shows to art fairs, there is something for everyone.

Q: Is there outdoor entertainment over the weekend?
A: Yes, the city of Memphis boasts several outdoor venues year-round where local performers frequently entertain the crowds. Concerts in the Park are a particularly popular option during the warmer months.

Q: Is food available at these events?
A: Absolutely! The majority of festivals feature an assortment of food vendors with traditional local fare as well as international flavors. Be sure to come hungry!

Q: Will I need cash at these events?
A: That depends on the event itself. Many offer free admission but may require cash payment for food or other items inside. Additionally, it’s always wise to carry some cash on hand just in case certain vendors only accept cash payments.

Q: Where can I find more information about upcoming events or festivals?
A: The City of Memphis website provides frequent updates about events taking place around town (www.memphistn.gov). Additionally, several attractions such as Beale Street maintain their own calendar updated with upcoming festivities (www.bealestreetdowntownmemphis).

Q: Are large groups welcome at any of these events?
A: Yes! In fact many annual large-scale events such as Mardi Gras or Elvis Fest specifically cater to larger groups who wish share in the experience together

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