What’s unique about the craft beer and distillery scene in Memphis?

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The craft beer and distillery scene in Memphis, Tennessee is something truly unique. Known for its incredible barbecue, energetic music culture and rich history, it is no wonder why the city has seen an incredible resurgence as a craft beer and distillery hub. From small-batch microbrews to seasonal blends from established larger breweries – there’s something for everyone on Memphis’ expanding beer landscape. And with local distilleries crafting some of the best spirits in the country, it’s clear that Memphis loves to have a great time – responsibly!

What’s Unique About the Craft Beer & Distillery Scene?

One of the aspects that makes the Memphis craft beer and distillery scene so special is its commitment to authentic sustainability practices. Many of the breweries and distilleries are committed to using local ingredients from farmers in Shelby County and elsewhere around West Tennessee. This creates a sense of community pride knowing that your favorite brew was created with locally sourced goods that help support local businesses. Additionally, many of these operations use green energy sources such as solar power or wind power further casting them as leaders within their industry when it comes to eco-friendly initiatives.

Another unique element about Memphis’ craft beer and distillery scene is how closely intertwined each operation is with other businesses in town. Due to a number of laws requiring that breweries team up with restaurants for tastings events there’s now an incredibly vibrant taproom culture popping up around town. This collaboration allows customers visiting any number of tasting rooms throughout Shelby County not just have access to sample local beers or spirits but also enjoy some of Memphis’ world famous offerings whether it be hot wings from IBM or Elvis Presley themed cocktails at Earnestine and Hazel’s Barcade! And you can be sure you won’t find experiences like this around every corner!

Finally, perhaps one of the most noteworthy unique elements about Memphis’ craft brewing culture is its strong love of experimentation which allows these master brewers an outlet think outside-the-box (or barrel). With an abundance of farms across Shelby County providing plentiful ingredients year round many creative minds have used this as a chance showcase their true creativity. These imaginative experiments typically come in form unexpected seasonal variations allowing fans some exciting new ways experience their favorite brews!

All things considered what makes the craft brewing culture so special here in Memphis isn’t just its dedication sustainable practices and commitment using locally sourced ingredients but also close knit relationship between different establishments across Shelby county ensuring that folks getting world class food some best brews our nation has offer! Truly remarkable explosion regional beers over past decade has put city on brewing map given reason why lot passionate folks keep returning glass tankard time again – no matter taste buds may say!


Q: What distinguishes Memphis’ craft beer and distillery scene from other cities?
A: One of the most unique aspects of the Memphis craft beer and distillery scene is its commitment to preserving traditional brewing practices, with many local brewers keeping their recipes close to those that have been used for centuries. Additionally, the city offers a wide variety of craft beers and distilled spirits sourced from around the world, as well as several unique small-batch operations for those wishing to sample something truly unique. The prevalence of farm-fresh ingredients also gives many Memphis brews a distinct regional flavor.

Q: How old is the craft beer and distillery scene in Memphis?
A: The history of brewing in Memphis stretches back hundreds of years, but with an emphasis on traditional methods it has not seen much change until recently when microbreweries started popping up all over the city. As such, there are now numerous establishments that focus solely on crafting artisanal beers and spirits, allowing visitors to experience some truly unique flavors.

Q: How can I access some of Memphis’ finest brews?
A: There are several options for accessing craft beers and distilled spirits from local artisans in Memphis. The easiest way to find them is by stopping into one of the many taprooms or bottle shops scattered throughout the city, as this will allow you to sample brews directly from makers themselves without having to commit to purchasing large amounts. Additionally, online retailers will ship orders both locally and nationally if you prefer convenience over visiting physical locations in person.

Q: Are there any specific styles of beer that are particularly popular in Memphis?
A: Yes! Many local brewers specialize in certain types of beer that are unique to Memphis, such as Belgian ales and barrel-aged sours. Additionally, some breweries feature several core styles such as IPAs, lagers and porters while exploring other varieties depending on availability or seasonal trends. Visitors can always explore these different types at taprooms throughout the city while sampling each type for their own personal preferences!

Q: How do I know what type of spirit might be best suited for me?
A: Everyone has their own individual palate preference when it comes to distilled spirits! To get a better sense of what type might suit your needs best each establishment typically has premixed drinks so you can try a variety without committing too much money. Additionally staff often have detailed knowledge about every product available so feel free to ask questions if anything isn’t clear – don’t be afraid too try something new during your visit!

Q: Are there any special events happening within the Craft Beer/Distillery Scene?
A: Absolutely! Each month there are several specials activities such as beer dinners featuring creations crafted specifically around particular dishes or key spirit tastings with an emphasis on different flavor profiles than one usually finds elsewhere . Additionally breweries/distilleries often host competitions/trivia nights – so make sure you keep an eye out for events near you!

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