What’s the story behind Memphis’s beloved BBQ cooking classes?

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It is no secret that Memphis, Tennessee has become known for its amazing barbeque. From succulent pulled pork to tender pork ribs, this southern city offers some of the best barbecue in the United States. But what many people don’t know is that there are classes being taught all around Memphis that offer an up close and personal look into the art of BBQ. For those looking to learn more about this delicious cuisine, here’s the story behind Memphis’s beloved BBQ cooking classes.

BBQ History

Barbecue is an age-old tradition in the south, but it has roots going back even farther than that. The origin of Memphis-style BBQ dates back all the way to the 1800s when thousands of African-Americans settled in the area and brought with them their own unique style and techniques for slow cooking meats on wood fires. Over time, this style was refined and developed further as other immigrants from nearby areas added their own twists and styles. Today, there are a number of restaurants throughout Memphis that specialize in serving authentic barbeque using traditional methods from years gone by.

Classes Available

There are many different options for taking a class on barbecue cooking in Memphis. Many local restaurants offer their own beginner or advanced level courses focusing on technique and equipment needs for smoking meats like beef or pork on wood fires as well as various side dishes like macaroni and cheese or beans. Students learn how to season meat properly, what types of smoke works best for each type of meat, and get hands-on experience building their own smoking grills from scratch!

Other courses focus on Southern regional flavors such as Carolina Mustard Sauce or traditional Texan Beef Brisket recipes. Cooking students can learn step by step processes inculcating precise measurements needed to master dishes ranging from pulled pork sandwiches with Alabama white sauce to Carolina Red Coleslaw.. Depending upon skill level desired by participants , classes can range anywhere from 1 day up to 8 weeks – ensuring everyone gets plenty of practice time perfecting their craft! In terms of cost , most classes usually start at around $85 – though prices may vary depending on location & course details .

What You’ll Learn
Taking a class in barbeque cooking is not only fun but can also be incredibly educational! Students get insight into different regional styles such as Carolina dry rubs vs St Louis sauces or hickory versus mesquite woods for smoke flavoring – helping them become better bbq masters . Plus , they get an understanding into barbecue history & culture , too . Above all else , you will gain confidence with your grill so you can finally start creating mouthwatering meals right at home ! You will discover tips & tricks about residential grilling equipment & find out how to select meat / wood properly without getting lost amidst complicated measurements . Lastly , you ‘ ll also pick up proper safety techniques to ensure your food ends up tasting delicious instead of having an accident while experimenting !


From exploring ancient technique used by settlers long ago , to learning modern day processes involving intricate measurements – there’s something for everyone looking for a unique experience through BBQ cooking classes offered in Memphis . Not only do these classes provide valuable skills related to creating amazing meals but also help travelers appreciate Southern culture beyond just it’s tasty cuisines! So if you’re looking to further explore the complex flavors that make barbeque special throughout Tennesse – why not give these wonderful classes a shot ?


Q1. What can I learn during a BBQ cooking class in Memphis?
A1. During a BBQ cooking class in Memphis, you can learn about the history and technique behind the popular barbeque-style cooking that has been an integral part of the city’s culture for generations. You’ll also learn how to prepare authentic dishes like pulled pork, smoked brisket, and more!

Q2. How long do these BBQ cooking classes usually last?
A2. Most BBQ cooking classes last for 2-3 hours, but it really depends on what type of course you take. Some may go longer depending on what is being taught and the intricacy of the techniques involved.

Q3. Who teaches these cooking classes?
A3. The instructors for these classes are generally experienced barbeque chefs who have perfected their craft over years or even decades of practicing and teaching others how to make delicious dishes using traditional Memphis techniques.

Q4. Is there anything special that I need to bring to the class?
A4. For most BBQ cooking courses, it’s usually best to wear comfortable clothing as some smoking and messiness is expected! You will also need your own kitchen items like pots, pans, spatulas or tongs, mixing bowls, measuring cups/spoons etc., so feel free to bring those with you if you have them at home!

Q5. Are there specific recipes we will be making in the class?
A5. Absolutely! Instructors typically provide a list of recipes to follow during your class ahead of time so you know exactly what dishes will be made during your session! It can vary from one instructor to another based on each chef’s specialty – so do ask beforehand if there is anything specific that you’d like to make sure you are able to cover during your time in the classroom together!

Q6 Do any other activities happen during these classes?
A6 Depending on what type of course or instructor you have chosen – activities like tasting various types of authentic barbeque sauces or rubs may often be demonstrated and shared with students over lunch breaks so they can get a sense for flavors commonly used in Memphis barbecue style cuisine!

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