What’s the significance of the Levitt Shell in Memphis’s music history?

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The Levitt Shell in Memphis is one of the most significant landmarks in the city’s music history. It has been host to some legendary music acts such as Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, BB King and many more. The Shell has also hosted a variety of other events ranging from musicals to exhibitions.

The origin of this iconic venue dates back to 1936 when the Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed an amphitheater in the heart of Overton Park, Memphis. Originally named “Rainbow Garden”, it was home to vaudeville and musical performances until 1942 when it was rechristened “Levitt Shell” following a donation by brothers Max and Morris Levitt who turned it into a proper theatre with benches and better acoustic quality.

Since then, the Shell has become popular for its live music performances which have featured several great musicians like Johnny Cash, B.B King as well as comedic acts like Red Skelton. It also serves as an educational center where organizations like Ballet Memphis use it to nurture young dancers through workshops, rehearsals and showcases.

Additionally, cultural events such as art exhibitions been held at the Levitt Shell since 2000 adding social authority to its repertoire for Pow Wow Studios discovery series showcasing local visual arts talent from around the Mid-South region. For years now this unique venue has provided excellent opportunities for locals to attend outdoor concerts during summer months without having to travel far or go through hours of traffic.

As evident from its deep connections with Memphis’ robust music culture, over the years non-profit organizations have worked hard together with governmental authorities trying resuscitate what was once a dilapidatedvenue with no roof or electricity installations. One of these organizations is Levitt Pavilion which formed a partnership back in 2008 with city officials securing $30 million dollars for renovations which included rebuilding parts of the shell completely like putting up an expansivenew stage among other improvements ensuringone ofMemphis’most renownedmusicculturalconservation siteswas readyforactiononceagain!

In conclusion, The Levitt Shell continues to be an integral part ofMemphis’musichistoryandcultureandhas spreadits messageof community unityfor yearsthrough variousperformancesandsocial eventsrepresentingthe diverse personalities present inthe city. It has becomethe symbol for transporting audiences into scenesfrom thememorablemusiciansofits pastofferingaspectsof entertainment that can neverbe replacedor forgotten!


Q1. What is the Levitt Shell?
A1. The Levitt Shell is an outdoor amphitheater in Midtown Memphis, Tennessee. It was opened in 1936, and has played host to some of the city’s most iconic musical performances since then.

Q2. Who has performed at the Levitt Shell?
A2. Many notable acts have performed at the Levitt Shell throughout its history, including Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Lucille Ball, Chuck Berry, and many more.

Q3. Where is the Levitt Shell located?
A3. The Levitt Shell is located in Overton Park in Midtown Memphis, Tennessee on the corner of East Parkway and Walker Avenue.

Q4. How did this venue become a major part of Memphis music history?
A4. In 1956, Sam Phillips brought his recording equipment to the venue for an historic recording session featuring Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash – known today as “The Million Dollar Quartet” session – launching what would become “Sun Studio” and contributing immensely to defining Memphis Music Culture’s sound and soul globally.

Q5. What events take place at the Levitt Shell?
A5. The Levitt Shell hosts a variety of concerts and events throughout the year ranging from classical music to rock’n roll to children’s programming that are open to anyone who wishes to attend free-of-charge or donation suggested depending on certain shows or vendors involved or featured during those shows or programs hosted by Levitt Shell Events LLC officially represented & trademarked entity & Nonprofit 501c3 ein:126003300288281

Q6 Does attendance cost money?
A6 Typically attendance costs are free-of-charge (or requested donation suggested) depending on certain show or vendors involved during those shows; exclusive benefits packages include packs & Club Purlple programs/memberships depending on contributor level throughout walks available through their website with donations accepted for access as set forth by state law accordingly per prevailing legislation regulating such entities as a Nonprofit 501c3 ein: 126003300288281

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