What’s the scoop on Westy’s, a beloved local spot in Memphis?

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Westy’s is a beloved local spot in Memphis, Tennessee. Since the early ’80s, Westy’s has been serving up some of the best food and drinks around, alongside an unbeatable customer service! If you’re a fan of Southern hospitality and great eats, then this is definitely the spot for you.

Westy’s is located at 270 Union Ave in East Memphis – just on the outskirts of downtown and inside the bustling area known as Midtown. With a wide selection of delectable items on its menu that range from grilled cheeseburgers to fish & chips to macaroni & cheese, there’s something for everyone here! Plus, Westy’s serves up lots of fun appetizers like smoked wings and dip platters that’ll have your mouth watering in anticipation for the main course.

For those who prefer libations over grub, Westy’s features an extensive bar with almost every type of beer imaginable (including craft varieties!) as well as some fun cocktails and wines. Whether you just want to meet up with some friends after work or dress it up with a big date night out on the town, Westy’s has got you covered!

Of course, one thing that makes Westy’s truly special is its atmosphere. From its warm feels to its laundromat-style decor (complete with Washers & Dryers!), Westy’s offers guests a unique experience every time they come through the doors. There are cozy tables by windows wooden booths for groups and plenty TVs throughout so you can catch any game while digging into your meal; all these aspects make it feel like home away from home!

Speaking of coming through those doors – no trip to Westy’s would be complete without mentioning their famous Happy Hour which runs daily from 3pm-7pm! During this period guests get access to amazing discounts like 2 for 1 beers as well as buy one get one free deal on appetizers…allowing visitors scoop up even more savings by sharing with their friends.

Locals know there’s no better place than Westys when yearning for classic diner favorites reimagined into delicious dishes cooked with love and quality ingredients ! For those who don’t live in Memphis but plan to visit soon – remember: when making your list of must-try restaurants in Beale Street District – make sure you add “Westy’s” right at top! It will definitely become an unforgettable dining memory.

At the end of the day, what sets Wesxy’s apart is its unique combination delicious eats + cold drinks + phenomenal customer service + incredibly welcoming vibes = ABSOLUTELY WORTHWHILE EXPERIENCE ! For locals or tourists alike– head over today or snuggle up for tomorrow; no matter when– ran be certain that if you come hungry ,you’ll be leaving absolutely full -in every sense possible .


Q: What type of food does Westy’s serve?
A: Westy’s is a bar and grill serving everything from hamburgers to steak dinners.

Q: Does Westy’s have an outdoor seating area?
A: Yes, Westy’s offers outdoor seating during the warmer months.

Q: Are children allowed in Westy’s?
A: Yes, children are welcome at Westy’s until 8 pm.

Q: How large is the menu at Westy’s?
A: The menu offers a variety of items across the price range, including appetizers, sandwiches, burgers and entrees.

Q: Does Westy’s host special events?
A: Yes, Westy’s hosts theme nights with live music or DJs as well as karaoke nights on certain evenings. In addition, there are whiskey tastings and other food-related events throughout the year.

Q: Is there a dress code at Westy’s?
A: No, there is no dress code at Westy’s; casual attire is acceptable for all visitors.

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