What’s the history and culture of the Peabody Hotel ducks?

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The Peabody Hotel Ducks are a long-standing tradition at the historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. The hotel has welcomed tens of millions of guests since it first opened its doors in 1933, and each day is ushered in with an unforgettable parade: five Mallard Ducks (and occasional ducklings) marching into the lobby as a symbol of joy, happiness and hospitality.

What’s the History of the Peabody Hotel Ducks?

The tradition of having ducks live at the Peabody Hotel dates back to 1932 when an avid hunter named Chip Barwick was purchasing a box full of live North American mallard ducks from a local hatchery on his Tennessee farm. Coincidentally, one of his close friends owned the hotel and asked if he could bring along his feathered finds for some entertainment.

Barwick agreed and launched what would ultimately become one of America’s most beloved animal attractions — an event now known around the world as ‘The March Of The Peabody Ducks’. During each day, five Mallards paraded from their rooftop living quarters to the fountain located inside the main lobby — where they spritzed and splashed to their heart’s desire.

This daily ritual continued throughout much of the 20th century until 1983 when then-general manager Morgan Davis sought to bring some additional fun with several new additions to the family — including six White Pekin Ducklings carelessly painted up as Rockettes!

What does this mean for Modern Culture?
For more than eighty-five years now, The March Of ThePeabody Ducks has been embraced worldwide with families from all walks of life coming to witness this incredible display that remains unique in its kind! Furthermore, { venue provides a true spirit of hospitality – both past & present – within four walls that celebrate thousands upon thousands of visitors every year – making it one timeless experience worth remembering! } In addition to this amazing cultural attraction – all five ducklings were also simultaneously voted into The International Order Of Grandured Lodge Hall Of Fame in 1998 after being recognized for their superior service & travel experience… all while still maintaining their status as honorary citizens &uration protectors (or ”ambassadors”) within city limits!

The sightseeing tradition carried on today by The March Of The Peabody Ducks stands testament not only to our rich American heritage but also our deep sense of duty towards preserving such nostalgia within future generations – setting moniker standards for luxury accommodation & grand humanitarianism along with way! All whilst granting untold amounts warmth & charm that brilliantly reflect off each handmade mallard feather – immersing guests into timeless class that no other establishment can quite match up against – yet also fostering lasting memories amongst those who take part an unforgettable journey unlike any other . So whether you’re lucky enough have witnessed them firsthand or simply familiarize TripAdvisor’s award-winning photos… every so often there comes precious corners worth visiting again only God blesses wherever home bias takes you ’til then !


Q1. How did the historic tradition of the Peabody Ducks begin?

A: The tradition first began in 1932 when General Manager Frank Schutt brought five ducks from Arkansas to the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. He released them into the pool as a joke, but their popularity grew and many more ducks were subsequently brought to inhabit the hotel.

Q2. How long has this tradition been maintained?

A: The tradition has been maintained since 1932 and is still standing strong 87 years later!

Q3. What type of ducks are used at the Peabody Hotel?

A: The hotel uses a special breed of North American mallard ducks, which are known for their friendly nature and ability to get along with humans.

Q4. What do the Duckmasters do?
a: The Duckmasters have an important job; they train, house, manage and entertain the ducks each day at 11am and 5pm when they march them through the lobby and into their Royal Duck Palace on top of the fountain. They ensure that guests enjoy watching this unique sight while remaining aware of safety requirements for both people and animals.

Q5. Are there any other fun facts about these famous ducks?
A: Yes! These famous ducks have performed for US presidents, appeared on TV shows including Sesame Street, grown over 18,000 Twitter followers since 2011 and adorn books, postcards, t-shirts, coins and even cartoons!

Q6. Where can I learn more about this special tradition?

A: You can visit us at www.peabodymemphis.com/ducks where you will find more information about how our hotel is home to a very special family of ducks each day precipitation permitting!

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