What is Rendezvous Memphis and what type of food do they serve?

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What Is Rendezvous Memphis?

Rendezvous Memphis is a local restaurant that has been around for over 70 years. It is famous, not only throughout Tennessee but also around the world, for having the best barbeque in town. It’s located right in downtown Memphis, just a few blocks away from the Liberty Bowl stadium and the National Civil Rights Museum. This popular eatery has been recognized as one of America’s classic restaurants by Travel + Leisure magazine and even Michael Stern’s Roadfood book series.

What Type Of Food Do They Serve?

At Rendezvous Memphis, you can expect to find a delectable array of mouth-watering barbeque options, all cooked low and slow using an Ole Hickory wood smoker. Whether you’re looking for succulent ribs, juicy pulled pork sandwiches or just some traditional Southern sides like mac & cheese or collard greens – this place will definitely make your taste buds sing with delight! But as good as their BBQ is, the real star here is their dry rub ribs: coated in an elusive mix of spices and crisply fried on charcoal grills that give them that incredible taste. Besides barbeque dishes, you can also opt for delicious appetizers like wings, nachos and onion rings. The menu also includes burgers, salads and freshly-made tacos – plus assorted beer and wine to complete your meal!

But perhaps what sets Rendezvous apart from other Memphis eateries is their lip-smacking desserts: pecan pie topped with heavenly sweet cream cheese frosting; decadent cinnamon rolls sprinkled with sugar; classic peach cobbler served piping hot; tempting apple dumplings straight from the oven – these are just some of what patrons can look forward to when they dine at this Tennessee hotspot! And if it’s live music you’re after, Rendezvous occasionally hosts live blues bands along with karaoke nights every month – making this joint truly an experience like no other.


In conclusion, visiting Rendezvous Memphis will prove to be a unique culinary adventure! With its delicious selection of authentic barbeque dishes complemented by seasonal sides and desserts – plus free music entertainment thrown in – there’s simply no better place to get your fill of soulful Southern eats any time of the year! So come on down to downtown Memphis today and find out why this iconic eatery continues to remain one of America’s revered culinary destinations!


Q: What is Rendezvous Memphis?

A: Rendezvous Memphis is a landmark barbeque restaurant in downtown Memphis that has been serving delicious, signature dry-rub ribs since 1948.

Q: Where is Rendezvous Memphis located?

A: The Rendezvous is located at 52 S. 2nd Street, on the corner of 2nd and Front Streets, in historic Downtown Memphis.

Q: What type of food does Rendezvous Memphis serve?

A: Rendezvous serves barbecue favorites such as smoked pork ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, smoked barbecue wings, and more. They also offer classic sides like coleslaw and baked beans.

Q: Does Rendezvous Memphis have vegetarian options?
A: Yes! They have a variety of vegetable plates with your choice of two sides such as macaroni and cheese, okra, sweet potatoes, and more.

Q: Are children welcome at the restaurant?
A: Yes! The atmosphere is family friendly and there are kid’s menus available for children age 12 or younger.

Q: What type of drinks does the restaurant serve?
A: In addition to beer, wine, traditional soda selections, and specialty cocktails/mocktails they also offer pitchers of housemade lemonade or tea.

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