What can I expect on Beale Street, the heart of Memphis’s entertainment?

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Beale Street, located in Memphis, Tennessee, is one of the most well-known entertainment districts in the United States. Located along a two and a half mile stretch, Beale Street provides visitors with a wide range of attractions and activities that are sure to make your visit memorable.

Whether you’re searching for a place to eat delicious barbecue or want to dance the night away at a blues club, Beale Street has something for everyone. Here’s what you can expect when visiting this iconic area of Memphis.

A Tour of Historic Landmarks:
As you take a stroll down Beale Street, you’ll encounter some of the area’s historic landmarks. This includes W.C Handy Park where Elvis Presley famously shot his concert film “Blue Hawaii.” You can also explore The Palace Theater which was once home to some of the country’s most beloved musicians. And don’t miss out on stopping by Sun Records Music which has been recognized as ground zero of Rock n’ Roll music.

Delicious Dining Experiences:
If you’re looking for an unforgettable dining experience then Beale Street is definitely worth checking out. One popular spot that shouldn’t be missed is Central Barbecue where they serve up award-winning Memphis style BBQ ribs and sandwiches. Another traditional option is Blues City Cafe which serves classic southern dishes like Po Boys and Catfish alongside live music several nights per week!

Nightlife Entertainment:
After dark, be sure to check out one of many local nightlife venues in this part of town. If it’s live music performances that you’re after then swing by B.B King’s Blues Club for some world-class blues performances 7 nights per week or pay another visit to The Palace theater where some established and newbie artists often perform shows throughout the year! Other nighttime hot spots include Rum Boogie Cafe and Silky O’ Sullivan Irish Pub both featuring DJ nights every Friday & Saturday until late at night!

No trip to Memphis would be complete without paying a visit to Beale Street – an epicenter for exciting entertainment experiences like no other! From exploring iconic landmarks and trying delicious food offerings from well-known eateries to dancing the night away at renowned nightclubs – this location has something special for everyone! So if you’re looking an activity packed evening or relaxed afternoon -Bele Streeet must not be missed -it truly delivers an incomparable entertainment experience that won’t soon be forgotten!


Q. What are some of the musical attractions on Beale Street?
A. Beale Street is known for its live music venues, which feature a variety of musical acts from blues to jazz and rock and roll. Some of the most popular venues include B.B. King’s Blues Club, the Rum Boogie Café, Silky O’Sullivan’s Dive Bar, and The Gibson Lounge.

Q. Are there restaurants or bars on Beale Street?
A. Yes! There are plenty of restaurants and bars located along Beale Street, including Alfred’s on ‘Beale’, Blindbear Speakeasy & Lounge, Felicia Suzanne’s Downtown Memphis Kitchen & Bar, Kooky Canuck Memphis Gastropub, the Blues City Café, and many more.

Q. What kind of shops can I find on Beale Street?
A. In addition to restaurants and music venues, there are several unique stores on Beale Street offering various souvenirs and gifts such as jewelry, artwork and clothing items reflecting the culture of this historic neighborhood in downtown Memphis. You may also find a few vintage stores selling records or comics as well as antiques shops with items from all over the world!

Q. Is Beale Street open 24/7?
A: While most businesses stay closed at night after bar hours have ended 11PM – 3AM, you can still walk around much of downtown Memphis during day light hours until well after midnight any given night except Sunday when many places close early at 7PM or 8PM so its best to check before visiting certain establishments that day!

Q. Are there tours available on Beale street?
A: Though not regular sightseeing tours per say if you go during certain times like Mardi Gras then you will find special walking or trolley-style guided tours available as part of your visit to Memphis!

Q: Is there parking available in the area?
A: Parking can be found throughout downtown near many closures but it is restricted to three hours Monday through Saturday so be sure to plan accordingly when looking for a place to park your vehicle while visiting this attraction!

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