What attractions can I find at the Memphis Riverfront Park?

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Memphis is a city that offers many attractions for locals and visitors. From outdoor activities to world-renowned attractions, people from all around the world come to enjoy all that the city has to offer. One of the most popular destinations in Memphis is the Memphis Riverfront Park, which offers something for everyone – from nature lovers to thrill seekers.

What Can You Find at Memphis Riverfront Park?

The Memphis Riverfront Park is home to a wide variety of attractions and activities, making it an ideal spot for a day of fun with the family or friends. Here are just some of the highlights:

Historic Trolley Line: This historic trolley line runs along the Mississippi riverfront and allows you to explore much of what downtown Memphis has to offer. Enjoy taking in some of the sights as you ride along this unique mode of transportation!

Mud Island Monorail: This monorail takes passengers across a bridge connecting Mud Island with Downtown Memphis. Along with offering breathtaking views, it provides an easy way to cross between either side in minutes!

Harbor Town Marina: For those looking for more aquatic excitement, head down to Harbor Town Marina which offers boat rides on demand throughout the week at very reasonable prices! Take in stunning views of Downtown as you cruise along on your boat journey.

Garden Of The Lost Gardeners: Deemed ‘Memphis’ hidden gem’, this garden features lush plants and flowers that are arranged in various whimsical arrangements – perfect for adding a bit of enchantment during your visit!

Riverwalk Trail: This scenic 4-mile trail runs alongside the banks of Wolf River as it flows into non-navigable wetlands perfect for taking in breathtaking views while enjoying a leisurely stroll or bike ride!

Big River Crossing & Shelby Farms Greenline Connector Path – If you’re feeling adventurous, hop onto either one of these paths – both part walking and biking trails that stretch across bridges connecting both sides together. Enjoy stunning sunsets from atop several points across these two trails with plenty of places available to stop and take it all in.

Ghost Rivers & Crystal Springs Aquarium – Whether you want to learn about ghosts stories or observe aquatic life up close, there’s something here sure excite even those who consider themselves prosecuted travelers or tourists alike!

In conclusion, no matter if you plan on visiting by yourself or with family/friends; there’s endless activities suitable for everyone at The Memphis Riverfront Park! From adventure seeking paths such as those found at Ghost Rivers and Big River Crossing or more local herbaceous like Garden Of The Lost Gardeners; its diversity presents itself as one few locations can boast about having without any travel inconvenience that could arise due using typically greater distances required elsewhere. Thus making it an absolute must when planning things do while visiting beautiful city up close.


Q: Is the Memphis Riverfront Park free to visit?
A: Yes, the park is open and free for all guests.

Q: What types of attractions can I find at the park?
A: The park features a wide variety of amenities including picnic sites, playgrounds, a boardwalk, a riverboat cruise line, an amphitheater, walking trails and more.

Q: Are there any restaurants within the park?
A: Yes, the park contains several restaurants with local favorites such as barbecue and fried chicken.

Q: Are there any special events held at the Memphis Riverfront Park?
A: The park hosts regular seasonal events such as concerts, festivals and fireworks displays. Visitors are encouraged to check out their event calendar for upcoming activities.

Q: Does the park provide recreational activities or sports facilities?
A: The Memphis Riverfront Park provides basketball courts, fitness facilities and other recreational areas such as bike trails and jogging paths.

Q: Is there anything special about the boardwalk on the riverfront?
A: The boardwalk on the riverfront boasts various scenic views of the Mississippi River along with benches overlooking some spectacular sunsets.

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