What are the must-visit places in Memphis?

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Memphis is a hidden gem in the Tennessee area. Situated in the Mississippi Delta, Memphis is a thriving city that is home to many cultural and historical attractions. If you’re looking for an amazing vacation destination, Memphis has something for everyone to see and do. This guide will provide insight into some must-visit places in Memphis that should be on your vacation itinerary.

Touring Graceland

When most people think of visiting Memphis, they often picture Elvis’ iconic home at Graceland and it’s easy to understand why it’s one of the city’s top attractions. From daily tours of his luxurious mansion to special events like Elvis Week, Graceland offers visitors with an exciting experience — and some sweet memories — from music history. There are several tour packages to choose from so visitors can customize their Graceland experience depending on how much time they have.

Beale Street Music Festival

The annual Beale Street Music Festival is where you can hear live music from all genres while strolling down famed Beale Street in downtown Memphis. The festival takes place every spring and features music acts from around the world alongside classic bars and eateries situated around the street. Here you’ll find an array of country, rock, blues, soul and more making this a great way to get acquainted with all of the city’s musical talents.

Sun Studios Tour

Sun Studio—the birthplace of rock ’n’ roll—offers hourly-guided walking tours every day that explain all about how Sun Records helped changed musical history forever while allowing visitors time explore the premises by themselves as well as visit a gift shop equipped with some pretty cool memorabilia items includes clothing personalized for native Memphians and their fans alike. Even better, there are recording sessions available at nowadays at this legendary studio if you’re feeling super touristy vibes!

National Civil Rights Museum

No trip to Memphis would be complete without a visit to the National Civil Rights Museum located inside the Lorraine Motel – one of the main focuses of struggle during America’s civil rights movement days in 1968 when Dr Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated from nearby balcony views. The museum contains important exhibits including vintage photos depicting moments shared by Americas during this time as well as videos demonstrating similar perspective depths about social movements lied within its library digitized archives today allowing kids – both young & old alike – learn more about American history while potentially being moved enough to make positive changes in their own lives still happening today when diverse topics remains Jasper forefront issues naturally prompting education efforts continuously therein making this museum site indeed valuable for future scope generations bound-up ahead thus inspiring us all similarly!

There are plenty more attractions in Memphis but these four (Touring Graceland, Beale Street Music Festival, Sun Studios Tour , National Civil Rights Museum) definitely deserve a spot on your bucket list when planning your next vacation to Tennessee! Every year tourists flock from around the world — even ones who don’t know Elvis or haven’t studied U.S history — simply because they want experience what makes Memphis such an extraordinary place worth exploring over & over again perennially thus doing so makes memories kept there never forgotten easily like no other cities here or elsewhere tends too sternly prove when vivid visits sweep across historically nearby regions similarly placed seemingly exchanging stories told decades later… happy travels always!!!


1. Q: What is the most popular place to visit in Memphis?
A: The Graceland Estate and Memphis Music Hall of Fame, home of Elvis Presley, are two of the top must-visit places in Memphis.

2. Q: Are there any family friendly places to visit in Memphis?
A: Yes! Families can also enjoy visiting the Memphis Zoo, Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Pink Palace Museum, and Memphis Children’s Museum.

3. Q: Is there a river walk or outdoor area to visit in Memphis?
A: Yes! The historic Mississippi River has over 11 miles of walkways along its banks for visitors to explore. There’s also Mud Island River Park with plenty of trails and a scenic boat ride on a replica Mississippi Riverboat available for those hoping to experiece a unique view of the city.

4. Q: Are there any national parks close by to explore during my visit?
A: Yes! Natchez National Historical Park is about 150 miles away from downtown Memphis, making it an easy day trip destination for visitors. The park features interactive exhibits and hiking trails that showcase artefacts from curious settlers along the Mississippi Delta area.

5. Q : Are there any other cultural attractions I should check out while I’m in town?
A: Yes! Make sure to stop by legendary Beale Street and take part in some iconic blues music heritage when you’re in town. Art museums such as the Brooks Museum are also within walking distance from some popular tourist attractions like Mud Island River Park, making them perfect stops for lovers of art and culture looking to explore more of what this city has to offer.

6. Q:Are there any other great outdoor spaces to explore while I’m visiting?
A: Absolutely! Shelby Farms Park spans across 4500 acres—so big that it’s actually larger than Central Park—and full-fledged lakeside activities such as fishing, canoeing, picnicking into one spot make this park one great destination offering plenty of recreational activities amid nature’s beauty that won’t be found anywhere else near downtown Memphis

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