What are the must-visit places in Memphis?

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Memphis, Tennessee is a great place to visit. With its rich culture, history, and vibrant music scene, this city truly has something for everyone. From the iconic landmarks like Beale Street to lesser-known attractions such as mississippi River park or the Mud island river park, there’s plenty of places to explore here. Whether you’re looking for a family vacation spot or just a weekend getaway for you and your friends, Memphis has it all! In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the top must-visit places in Memphis that you won’t want to miss!

Beale Street:
A trip to Memphis wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the historic Beale street. For decades now, this famous stretch of road has been known as the home of blues and jazz music. Along with its South Main Arts District full of charming cafes and galleries, visitors can enjoy live music, delicious cuisine and shopping at some of the city’s best boutiques. Make sure to stop by the legendary Orpheum Theater for an evening of toe-tapping entertainment!

The Mississippi River Park:
Located nearby along the banks of the Mississippi river lies The Mississippi River Park. This beautiful outdoor destination offers a variety of recreational activities such as kayaking and cycling along scenic trails. Even if you don’t have time for a full day excursion at The Mississippi River Park, simply sitting on one of its many benches or walking bridges is enough to take in stunning views across miles of landscapes that are sure to inspire even non nature lovers!

Graceland Mansion:
No list highlighting Memphis attractions would be complete without mentioning Graceland Mansion. This iconic landmark was once home to superstar singer Elvis Presley who made it his own personal paradise with its impressive array of colorful decorations and luxurious amenities. Today visitors can tour through chambers such as “The Jungle Room” which feature furniture left just as Elvis left them himself over 40 years ago!

Mud Island River Park:
Also located around where The Mississippi river meets The Wolf river lies Mud Island River Park which features acres upon acres of botanical gardens filled with exotic plants from around world perfect for anyone seeking culture filled tranquility. On Thursdays from June 5th through July 25th each year they host their weekly “Music In The Gardens” event showcasing diverse range performers including gospel choirs and local rock bands alike!

From iconic landmarks like Beale street filled with live music and entertainment venues dating back centuries along with stunningly well kept parks such as Mississippi Park And Mud Island riverside park offering outdoor relaxation – there’s seemingly always something exciting going on when visiting Memphis Tennessee no matter how long your stay may be! Regardless make sure top must-visit locations discussed above are included during your visit!


Q1. What is the most popular attraction in Memphis?
A1. Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, is Memphis’ most famous and popular attraction.

Q2. Where can I find the best Tennessee BBQ in Memphis?
A2. Rendezvous is a well-known restaurant in Memphis that serves some of the best Tennessee BBQ around.

Q3. What music venues should I checkout while visiting Memphis?
A3. Beale Street is the heart of music in Memphis, so visitors should definitely check out some venues like BB King’s Blues Club during their visit. Other great spots include The New Daisy Theatre and Hi-Tone Cafe.

Q4. Are there any museums to visit in Memphis?
A4. Yes! Some of the must-visit museums in Memphis are The National Civil Rights Museum, located within the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King was assassinated; The Stax Museum of American Soul Music; Dixon Gallery & Gardens; and The Art Museum at LeMoyne-Owen College, which features work from African-American artists from across the U.S..

Q5. What fun activities can I do with my family while visiting Memphis?
A5: Families looking for an entertaining day out will love visiting Shelby Farms Park, a 4500 acre nature preserve featuring hiking trails, paddle boats or biking around the lake, as well as fishing spots and horseback riding trails for a truly unique experience! There is also Mud Island River Park with its Summer Concert Series and Mississippi River cutaway model perfect for kids to explore!

Q6:What other attractions should I add to my itinerary when visiting Memphis?
A6: Other noteworthy sights worth adding to an itinerary include Overton Park, offering plenty of recreational activities such as walking/biking trails and golf courses; Mud IslandAmphitheatre where visitors can catch live concerts under beautiful starlit skies; Sun Studio – otherwise known as “the birthplace of rock ‘n roll” – where all legendary musical acts have recorded music since 1950; blues clubs such as East(ern) Side Bicycles House Party or Rum Boogie Café for some true immersive music experiences!

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