What are the must-visit attractions and landmarks in Memphis?

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Must-Visit Attractions and Landmarks in Memphis

Memphis, Tennessee is a city that has plenty of attractions and landmarks for locals and tourists alike. From its iconic music-related sites to its museums, parks, and entertainment areas, Memphis boasts a wealth of attractions and landmarks to explore. Here are some must-visit locations in the city if you’re ever fortunate enough to make a visit.


When we talk about famous attractions and landmarks in Memphis, it wouldn’t be right not to mention Graceland. It was home to Elvis Presley—arguably the most celebrated musician of all times. His estate continues to draw thousands of visitors from all over the world daily due to its enduring popularity. If you ever find yourself in Memphis, paying a visit here is simply a must!

Beale Street
Beale Street is an absolute must when visiting Memphis. This buzzing street is full of life with restaurants bars and live music venues dotted along its length inviting passers-by to dance the night away. Plus, there are plenty of excellent shops selling traditional souvenirs around here as well—many made by talent local artisans—so this is ideal destination if you’re looking for unique items for those back at home too!

Mud Island River Park
Mud Island River Park offers sights overlapping both natural beauty and modern architectures. When inside this parkland adjacent towards Mississippi River, you can view where many riverboats used to walk on (in 19th Century) from bridges above the ancient harbor or cliffs overlooking main channel itself; you may catch birds that will fly high above Brandon hall nearby — The highest church building located downtown; plus miles along walking trail with shoreline/waterfront perspectives along way no other parks can compare things liked!. In addition visitors can enjoy multiple playground areas separated according age groups then just directly across street out Memorial Park nearby filled more outdoor activities such tennis courts beach volleyball pits which make area worth visiting even weekends during summertime when temperatures higher than normal days prior!.

Sun Studio
Sun Studio isn’t only aesthetically pleasing but historically significant as well! It’s where iconic musicians like Elvis Presley recorded their songs back when they were starting out their careers. More recently though it now plays host to aspiring artists who otherwise may not have access to famed recording studios – so come pay your respects here while also enjoying the rotating exhibitions held inside Sun Studios for all types music lovers alike!.

The National Civil Rights Museum & Lorraine Motel
Located at what used be site John F Kennedy assassination & Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1968 gathering place rally march end – which ended tragically – The National Civil Rights Museum & Lorraine Motel still stands today as poignant reminder those events first happened fateful day fifty years ago yet still remains undying testament these leaders help nation reach greater heights since then governing year after year without interruption despite recent climate change tensions within USA borders… .

Conclusion –
Memphis offers an amazing array of attractions and landmarks sure not disappoint any visitor looking for experiences could only find within this historic – beautiful part country! From nationally renowned musicians’ havens otherwise untold stories depicted throughout exquisite works art at National Civil Rights Museum & Lorraine Motel respectively there certainly something every type traveller should seek out journey through Tennessee’s beloved “Gem City”. Thankfully each establishment mentioned here timelessly provide guests glimpse into region’s vast culture help spur future generations beyond their wildest imaginations possibly reach destinations unfathomable many once thought never possible much hope harmony remains deeply rooted throughout area long time coming too…


Q1. What is the most popular attraction in Memphis?
A1. The most popular attraction in Memphis is Graceland, Elvis Presley’s mansion.

Q2. What other attractions should I visit while in Memphis?
A2. Other must-visit attractions and landmarks in Memphis include the National Civil Rights Museum, Beale Street, Sun Studio, the Dixon Gallery & Gardens, and Mud Island River Park.

Q3. Are there any free attractions to see in the area?
A3: Yes! There are several free attractions to choose from such as the Stax Museum of American Soul Music, Shelby Farms Park (which also has activities for a fee), Peabody Ducks at the Peabody Hotel Lobby, and the Pink Palace Museum & Planetarium.

Q4: What are some great places to take kids in Memphis?
A4: The Children’s Museum of Memphis is a great option for younger kids offering interactive exhibits and programs for learninig fun! Also consider visiting the Zoozzm City Rock Climbing Gym or Mostley Kroozin’ Go Carts Track for older kids looking to get active with their friends or family members.

Q5: Are there any outdoor activities I can do when visiting Memphis?
A5: Absolutely! There are plenty of outdoor activities like kayaking or paddleboarding on the Mississippi River; hiking along old railway tracks at Tunica Hills Trail State Park; exploring Seymour Wildlife Refuge; hot air ballooning over downtown; exploring Big Cypress Tree National Natural Landmark; or fishing at Pickwick Lake State Park just outside of town.

Q6: Where can I find good restaurants in Memphis?
A6: You can find many delicious restaurants around town including award-winning BBQ joints like Charlie Vergos Rendezvous, Alfred’s on Beale Street which gives traditional Southern eats an upscale twist, Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken Restaurant downtown etc..

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