Need a Writer?

If you are looking for a Memphis freelance writer, then you’ve come to the right place–welcome!

According to a 2013 census estimate, the greater Mid-South area, as a whole, has a population of 2.4 million. Depending on what you are selling or the services you are trying to provide, that is 2.4 million clients or customers that need to know about you and your Memphis-area business. In this day in age the cheapest, most effective way to make your presence known, in any market, is through web design, online marketing, and social media management. (Luckily for you, I do all three…)

When trying to engage a community for your business, it is important that your writer or online marketer knows the local community. While you may have the best advertising agency that money can buy, from New York City, they won’t understand Grit & Grind, how music can affect a city, and what local competitors your business or organization will be facing. As someone who has spent their entire life living in Memphis, I know this community. Furthermore, I know how competitive the Memphis market can be.

The Memphis market is unlike any other market of its size. In comparison to surrounding markets, the per capita personal and household incomes of Memphis citizens are much lower. In a 2011 United States Census Bureau study, Memphis was listed as “the poorest large metro area in the nation.” As a result of this, all industries in Memphis are, for lack of a better word, cutthroat. It’s important that someone with their pulse on Memphis businesses, non-profits, and the city as a whole, lead your local marketing efforts.

Take a minute, and check out everything about me as a person, and then jump over to my portfolio to check out my work. I think you’ll enjoy working together. That being said, if I’ve blown you away and you cannot wait to start working together, go straight to the contact me page so we can get started!