How to enjoy in Memphis with kids?

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When it comes to taking your children on an adventure you will always be exploring the options of getting them involved in something that everybody can enjoy. Memphis is a dream destination for people who want to get into the groove and let loose while at the same time having some fun with their kids. Family-friendly activities are easily found all around Memphis, making it easy to plan a full trip without ever getting bored or running out of things to do. With that said, here’s how you can enjoy Memphis with your kids:

Visit Beale Street:

One of the most iconic tourist destinations in all of Memphis is Beale Street. It’s known as part of America’s musical heritage and has dozens upon dozens of bars, blues clubs, restaurants offering live music from traditional Dixie Land Jazz, and even Western Swing. Kids under the age of 18 are not allowed past after dark, but even during the day there’s plenty for them take in. Every Friday and Saturday night there’s a free concert on Handy Park where everyone can sing along and enjoy an authentic American music experience without ever leaving town!

Check Out Graceland:
This is truly an American classic – Elvis Presley’s former residence and final resting spot stands tall as a symbol of national culture for Americans both old and young alike. There will be plenty to keep everyone entertained if you decide to visit Graceland. Inside you’ll find several artifacts relating Elvis’ life including lively cars he used throughout his career plus a vast selection of his records collection from across different genres! Even better – kids ages 10-15 receive 50% off admission prices when accompanied by a regular adult ticket holder!

Stroll Through The National Civil Rights Museum:
Memphis is home to one of the most influential contributions America has made in its journey towards civil rights–the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated. Within this museum lies dozens upon dozens upon stories from those who have paved a path towards civil liberty for generations. This tour offers so much more than just viewing displays – knowledgeable guides will take guests through many interactive activities as well as provide thoughtful dialogue regarding social movements throughout history.. The museum provides special rates for groups which could make visiting this incredible site more than budget friendly for families!

Take A Tour Of Sun Studio: Finally no trip would be complete without setting aside some time to take take part in an audio/visual tour Sun Studio – birthplace recorded rock & Roll located right in center city Memphis! Here visitors can soak up stories from legendary musicians such as Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins & Elvis Presley about how these artists developed their sound over time Working with Sam Phillips (an incredible figure instrumental shaping popular music spearheaded modern age pop) Guests also get chance partake unique studio experiences like singing vocals over digitally re-mastered tracks made famous some really talented people mentioned above!

Memphis has many attractions that cater to both adults and children alike; it provides something unique everyone regardless age or interests! With so much stuff do see try while enjoying family friendly vibe area sure remember beautiful moments here everyone involved remembered forever cherish lifetime…


Q1. What attractions are suitable for kids in Memphis?
A1. Some popular attractions suitable for kids in Memphis include the Memphis Zoo, Shining Star Farms, Pink Palace Museum, and the Children’s Museum of Memphis.

Q2. Are there any kid friendly restaurants?
A2. Yes! Memphis has numerous kid-friendly restaurants all around the city including Local Cafe & Bakery, Belly Acres Restaurant, and Itta Bena Bar & Grill.

Q3. Is there a family friendly event or activity?
A3. Yes! There are several fun family activities to do such as visiting Shelby Farms Park, exploring historic Beale Street, participating in educational programs at the Pink Palace Museum, and taking a riverboat cruise on The Spirit of New Orleans paddleboat.

Q4. What outdoor activities can we do together as a family?
A4. In addition to Shelby Farms Park there are plenty of outdoor recreational activities you can enjoy together such as biking along the Wolf River Greenway Trail scenic walkways throughout Overton Park or visiting Mud Island River Park for an array of different waterfront activities such as mini-golf, zip lining and boat rentals while also having access to interactive museums and artwork galleries perfect for families with children of all ages!

Q5. Are there any fun places that have arcade games?
A5. Arcade game places that would be perfect for family fun is Dave & Buster’s which is located inside Oak Court Mall offering endless varieties of classic and modern arcade game machines that will surely entertain all members of your family group!

Q6: Are there any safe areas where I can take my children to play?
A6: Absolutely! Municipal parks like Tom Lee Park are great places to take your children as they offer plenty of open grassy spaces to run around and have some outdoor playtime but still remain within close proximity from downtown attractions so it’s quite easy to monitor their whereabouts during your vacation time together in Memphis!

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