How does the Stax Museum of American Soul Music celebrate Memphis’s musical legacy?

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The Stax Museum of American Soul Music, located in Memphis, Tennessee, is the world’s only museum dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the history and cultural legacy of soul music. This amazing museum explores and celebrates the rich musical heritage of Memphis with its interactive exhibits, live performances, educational programming, and preservation efforts. Located in the original Stax Records building (an iconic studio that recorded some of America’s most beloved soul tunes), this vibrant destination celebrates soul music as an important part of African-American culture.

From pulsing rhythm & blues to classic soul tracks from Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes, The Stax Museum commemorates these legendary artists and those like them who helped define a genre. Through public events such as ‘Tune Scene’ (a free monthly music series) visitors are invited to experience first-hand how powerful records can be through curated listening sessions in a variety of acoustic settings. Visitors also have the chance to explore the stunning collection of studio artifacts like vintage instruments, photographs, costumes worn by performers on stage during recording sessions—all while getting an inside look at where it all happened.

At The Stax Museum guests can also visit three different interactive exhibits: ‘The House That Soul Built,’ ‘Growing Up in Soul Country,’ and ‘A Change Is Gonna Come.’ The first exhibit takes visitors back in time as they explore historic artifacts while learning about Rock & Roll legends such as Al Green and Booker T & The MGs; ‘Growing Up in Soul Country’ is a multi-media storytelling experience that reveals how life-long relationships between vocalists, musicians, band members, arrangers, producers and writers built an extraordinary force; Last but not least ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ blends music with history by highlighting key intersections between civil rights activism and popular culture during the 1960s—all through real video footage documenting moments from both movements.

By blending historical artifacts with heartfelt stories told through song—the Stax Museum celebrates Memphis’s multifaceted musical legacy through story-telling experiences that will surely captivate all visitors! Whether you come for just one day or make it your ongoing destination for American Soul Music education –you won’t soon forget what this unique cultural center has to offer!


Q1. What types of exhibits does the Stax Museum offer?
A1. The exhibits at the Stax Museum feature artifacts, photos, films, and interactive displays that tell the story of Memphis’s musical heritage. The museum is home to thousands of pieces from artists such as Stax Records Artists Isaac Hayes, Otis Redding, and Booker T & The MGs; Sun Records Artists Elvis Presley; gospel acts like Mahalia Jackson and Andrae Crouch; and other giants of soul music from the region.

Q2. How can I listen to music from these artists while in the museum?
A2. Experience some of the greatest recordings ever made at Stax Records’ world-famous Soundstage with a listening station featuring some their best-known hits. You’ll also be able to experience interactive programs such as a virtual horn section.

Q3. Does the Stax Museum have any special activities or events?
A3. Yes! The Museum offers a variety of core programming including live music performances, movie series on “Soul Cinema Sunday”, art workshops for families, monthly Soulful Saturdays featuring DJs spinning 45’s on original record players, and more! Free guided tours are also available daily between 10am–4pm CST Tuesday–Saturday (with no reservations needed!).

Q4. Is the Museum open on holidays?
A4. Yes – the museum is open every day except Monday (including most holidays). We highly recommend visitors check our list of Holidays & Observances for regular updates about our hours of operation during those times as they may vary due to certain closures throughout the year or extended hours for certain occasions/celebrations.

Q5 Are children allowed in the museum?
A5 Yes! Children ages 5 years and older are welcome in all areas of the museum with some restrictions in certain parts or specific cases when requested by staff due to safety concerns or lack of designated age appropriate materials/programs available in particular areas . All patrons under 18 must be accompanied by someone 18 years old or above who will assume responsibility during their stay at all times. No adults over 21 admitted without an adult chaperone if under 18 years old present in group .

Q6 Do you offer online ticket prices?
A6 Yes! Discounted online tickets can be purchased for both general admission and select special events through our website ahead time making it easier for you to plan your trip ahead! Prices may vary depending on which option you choose so we suggest looking through them all carefully before making any final decisions (packaged deals available too)

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