How does Memphis celebrate New Year’s Eve?

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How does Memphis Celebrate New Year’s Eve?
Welcome to the new year! That means it’s time to plan for celebrating New Year’s Eve in Memphis. This Southern town knows how to party right – from themed parties and nightclub events to family-friendly gatherings. There are plenty of ways for Memphians and visitors alike, can welcome 2021 in style.

A Variety of Ways to Celebrate
New Year’s is one of the most popular holidays in Memphis, and one of the best ways to celebrate it is by attending a festive event or party. Downtown Memphis plays host to many exciting events on this special day, so you’re sure to find something that fits your tastes – whether you want a big blowout or an intimate gathering with friends and family. You could also opt for a more traditional New Year’s celebration with plenty of food, drinks, music, and dancing.

If you prefer more natural activities rather than partying into the early hours of the morning, then there’s plenty of different options nearby. Head over towards Shelby Farms Park where there are 4500 acres filled with outdoor activities like biking trails, nature hikes and lake spots – allowing you perfect view sunsets in beautiful Southern skies as welcomed a brand new year!

Food & Family Time
Something unique about New Years in Memphis is that nearly all restaurants hire chefs for the night who provide delicious meals that will kick start your celebrations. Think along lines such as farm-to-table dishes made up from locally sourced produce; Vibrant veggies cooked up right down the road; tantalizing sides designed for sharing; cozy desserts that’ll take your taste buds sky high! Whether it’s a five-course meal or simply some finger foods with family – food plays an important role when spending time together during this special night..
Accommodation Over The Festive Period
Memphis is well known for its hotel accommodations across town providing guests with wonderful hospitality services throughout their stay; however what makes New Years Eve extra special here are saving similar packages at exclusive prices for celebration packages usually filled with extras like free champagne and breakfast hampers when you book reserved tables early enough! To make things even better most hotels host midnight toast covered buffets as well as live music entertainment while giving away complimentary sparklers once the clock strikes twelve! What’s not great about that?!

To Conclude
The first step towards having an unforgettable experience on New Years Eve should always be planning ahead – yet once 2020 comes around make sure to head down south because there are more magical ways than one to celebrate with loved ones – so don’t miss out on all its joyous celebrations ringing through Downtown Memphis..


Q: What is the biggest event taking place in Memphis on New Year’s Eve?
A: Beale Street Music Festival. Its outdoor concerts and parties, plus fireworks, make for a great evening of festivities.

Q: Are there any special deals or discounts available in Memphis on New Year’s Eve?
A: Yes! Many restaurants, bars, and shops in the city offer special deals to help celebrate the holiday. Additionally, many hotels have reduced prices for New Year’s Eve packages.

Q: What are some popular activities for locals to do on New Year’s Eve in Memphis?
A: The most popular activity for locals is enjoying a night on Beale Street with their friends and family. There are many great restaurants, bars, and music venues to choose from as well as some unique specialty stores. Other activities include visiting Mud Island River Park to watch the fireworks displays at midnight or attending a free outdoor concert at Tom Lee Park.

Q: Is there public transportation available for getting around during New Year’s Eve festivities in Memphis?
A: Yes, however due to the increased demand of people commuting to various events happening on this day service may be limited or not available during peak hours. It is best to plan ahead if you need to use public transportation on New Year’s Eve and book your tickets early.

Q: Can anyone attend the Beale Street Music Festival?
A: Yes! The festival is open to all ages and no tickets are required after 8 PM (except where noted). However guest must adhere to all posted rules while attending the festival including zero tolerance when it comesor alcohol or drugs use and consumption of food/beverage sales activities should keep within set boundaries/.

Q: Are there benefits for visitors staying overnight in Memphis over New Year’s?
A: Yes! Families staying overnight are eligible for discounted rates at select hotels throughout town which makes it easy and affordable to enjoy an unforgettable experience with plenty of time left afterward to explore all that Memphis has to offer.

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