How can I tour Elvis Presley’s home?

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Today, many people find Elvis Presley’s home in Graceland to be a source of inspiration and curiosity. They want to know more about this famous singer, who made his home at Graceland for many years, as well as paying homage to one of the most influential music pioneers of modern times.

Fortunately, it is possible to take a tour of Elvis’ house at Graceland. From the personalized audio tour given upon entry, to viewing memorabilia from the man himself, there are several ways you can learn more and explore his home with your friends or by yourself. Let’s look at what options are available for those wanting to tour Elvis Presley’s house.

What Type Of Tour Is Available?
When you visit Graceland you have the option of taking three different tours which provide various levels of access to different areas within the grounds at Graceland with varying prices that fit nearly any budget.
The Mansion Tour includes access to all four levels of Elvis’ stately mansion and provides visitors with an immersive audio tour narrated both by family members and those close to Elvis during his life. This personalized tour offers a unique opportunity for fans seeking meaningful insights into Elvis’ personal life and includes stops such as elegantly-appointed living rooms, guest bedrooms and bathrooms featuring personal items like clothing that was once owned by him too!

The VIP Tour is the ultimate way to experience a first-class trip down memory lane! It gives visitors access even more intimate features including behind-the-scenes rooms such as; The Trophy Room featuring awards earned by Elvis from worldwide recognitions through entertaining other exclusive areas showcasing overall changes through history in living quarters plus an introduction out on “Elvis Presley Boulevard” like nowhere else!

Lastly – The Platinum Tour stands toe to toe with the Mansion Tour but allows more time dedicated only inside the actual house instead entering just part of it alongside scrutinizing extra details overlooked – even portraits painted exclusively hanging on select walls – perfect for those seeking history not normally seen!

What Else Can You See On A Tour?
In addition to touring all four levels of Graceland Mansion, there are also additional attractions within the grounds. You can explore treasures from throughout Elvis’ life in exhibits located in both Lisa Marie’s Aircraft Hangar & Museum Exhibit which houses a white 1975 Convair 880 Jet Plane donated personally once owned by Lorraine Wilson (Elvis’ fiancee), inside refurbished homes near Music Gate sits along side over 200 awards collected since first album launch until present day worthy nostalgia never seen before unseen anywhere else prompting visits from around world year after year! Additionally outside you will find another treat — The Meditation Garden located quietly behind horseshoe shaped waterfall which briefly showcases final resting place met whispering respect he so duly deserves overtime transcending generations together forevermore marking footsteps left behind graciously gracefully beyond recognition found when visiting beautiful grounds…Graceland most definitely creates lasting memories through exploration easily recommendable every step headlined altogether showing its admiration facing countless tourists coming here annually witnessing legendary account firsthand appearing signal contributors en route honoring greatness provided by distinct influence credited continually forward always offering captivating conversation added twice upon delivery urging people revitalize appreciation being become ultimately connectedfinal resting place met whispering respect he so duly deserves overtime transcending generations together forevermore marking footsteps left behind graciously gracefully beyond recognition found when visiting beautiful grounds…Graceland most definitely creates lasting memories through exploration easily recommendable every steppeople revitalize appreciation being become ultimately connected

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Q1. Where is Elvis Presley’s home located?
A1. Elvis Presley’s home, Graceland, is located in Memphis, Tennessee.

Q2. How much does it cost for a guided tour of Graceland?
A2. It costs $33 USD for adult admission to Graceland Mansion and a guided tour of the Home Tour and access to the other attractions.

Q3. Is there an age restriction on tours of Graceland?
A3. Yes, all visitors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while touring the grounds & mansion.

Q4. What are some of the highlights included in a tour of Elvis’ home?
A4. The highlights include seeing theMemphis Museum, RCA Studio B, Meditation Garden where Elvis is buried alongside family members, his trophy building with many awards and memorabilia from his career, plus more!

Q5. Are there packages available that combine a visit to Graceland with tickets to live music or other attractions nearby?
A5: Yes, we offer a variety of combo ticket packages including admission to shows at nearby venues such as Beale Street Music Fest or Yacht Rock Revue show at Mud Island River Park Amphitheater when you purchase your Graceland ticket online through our website!

Q6 Does Graceland have any special deals or promotions available?
A6 Yes! We often offer various discounts throughout the year including valuable coupons for seniors & military personnel and VIP packages which provide guests with exclusive access throughout their entire visit!

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