How can I plan my visit to coincide with Memphis’s lively cultural festivals?

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Memphis is an exciting city with amazing culture and a vibrant local economy. If you’re planning a visit to Memphis, then you should consider timing it with Memphis’s lively cultural festivals. While the city is already bursting with music and art throughout the year, attending one of these festivals can give you an authentic taste of Southern culture at its best.

What Is Memphis Known For?

Memphis is known worldwide for its rich musical heritage. The city has produced greats such as Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, and Al Green whose career achieved many successes elsewhere in the US and around the world. Memphis is also a hub of blues, jazz, gospel, country, and rock n roll music; over 200 venues offer multiple nightly performances to choose from along with various live radio broadcasts. Additionally, the city hosts an array of creative street markets selling everything from handmade artworks to vintage clothing pieces all at reasonable prices.

When’s the Best Time To Visit?

Arguably the best time to visit Memphis are during one of its many lively festivals including Beale Street Music Festival which takes place over several days in April each year offering free concerts across all genres; Sing It On The Mound hosted on Memorial Day weekend featuring both established and emerging artists also held among other events like Cinco De Mayo Party in May or Moonshine Festival over Labor Day weekend each September. Music-lovers will revel in exploring different venues from iconic Sun Studio reveals where history was made to modern clubs that house major concert acts mostly for free or a small cover charge while non-musicians will appreciate visual art exhibitions reflecting both traditional and contemporary works freely displayed around town all summer long!

Memphis offers something for everyone no matter your preference – whether it’s musical performances at legendary bars like House Of Blues or cultural street fairs with hand crafted items reflective of local lifestyle–the experience around town will be sure to impress any visitor planning their trip there. With vibrant festivals taking place throughout summer months that cater to diverse crowds it’ll be easy to plan your visit accordingly so don’t miss out on opportunity check out this lively city!


Q1. What cultural festivals are held in Memphis?
A1. Memphis has a number of popular cultural events throughout the year, including Memphis in May, taking place every month from May through October. This event celebrates the city’s musical and artistic heritage with music, food, dance, art and more! There is also the Beale Street Music Festival each spring; the Black Arts Festival in April; Levitt Shell Outdoor Concert Series; Cooper-Young Festival; Blues Music Awards and more!

Q2. How can I find out when these festivals are scheduled?
A2. Visit the Memphis Travel website ( for detailed information on festival dates and times from year to year. You can also contact the event organizers directly for schedule updates to ensure you plan your visit accordingly!

Q3. Are there other local activities near where I’m staying?
A3. Definitely! The city of Memphis has plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy, from family-friendly events to live shows at one of its many renowned music venues or evening boat rides down the Mississippi River with views of downtown’s illuminated skyline! Check out Yelp or Tripadvisor for reviews on Gastronomy tours, river cruise companies or clubs playing live blues music just around the corner from you!

Q4. Is it easy to find accommodation near these events?
A4. Yes it is! Many hotels offer special packages for those interested in attending one of these renowned festivals – ranging from discounts for festival attendees to offers like free shuttles from hotel doors to major attractions nearby – making accommodation during these events both convenient and affordable!

Q5: What kind of food will be available at these festivals?
A5: The range of cuisines available during these lively festivals vary widely depending on what’s being celebrated, but generally feature delicious selections that highlight traditional Southern dishes as well as international flavors prepared by local eateries present throughout downtown Memphis neighborhoods such as Cooper-Young or Broad Avenue Arts Districts! If those don’t seem appealing enough then there are always plenty classic carnival treats like fresh cotton candy and popcorn waiting eagerly around every turn!

Q6: Are there children activities available during cultural festivlas?
A6: Yes indeed – most events have designated sections just for children featuring craft workshops, family entertainment performances, inflatables and outdoor games all tailored just for them so they can get involved with all that ’Memphis shake’!

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