How can I immerse myself in the spirit of the Blues City through its events?

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How to Immerse Yourself in the Blues City Through Events
As one of the most popular music cities in America, Memphis is a melting pot for cross-cultural experiences and diverse musical genres—especially when it comes to blues. If you want to truly immerse yourself in the spirit of The Blues City, start with attending these exciting events:

Beale Street Music Festival
The Beale Street Music Festival has been running since 1977 and is held annually at Tom Lee Park over three days every spring. Bringing together some of the biggest names in music today, alongside rising stars, local legends, and emerging talent from all over, this fest truly brings an international flavor to Memphis. Spread out 02 stages over 20 acres on riverside parkland along 4 miles of Mississippi riverfront] soak up the sun with live performances from bluesy favorites and innovators.

A Night with BB King & Guests
This monthly concert series kicks off every autumn with a tribute to “The King of the Blues” himself – B.B. King – and features weekly guests performing classic blues tracks by greats like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker & more! Listeners can choose from free admission options or invest a little extra for an all-access VIP pass granting closer access to featured entertainers & reserved seating areas. Thousands have joined in this celebration recognizing Locals award-winning artists who have made their mark on Memphis’s music scene throughout history.
Bands on Beale Summer Concert Series
For almost two months each summer (from May – July), bands grace the streets every Thursday evening in downtown Memphis’ world-famous Beale Street District shared by locals & visitors alike looking to let loose & groove out – all for no cover charge! This well-curated list reflects The Blues City’s unique culture as we showour appreciation for everything from New Orleans funk to Country Swing – every week offering something different so listeners never get bored!

Ready For A Second Line Parade?
Join us at Rosie’s Assemble for an epic Second Line Parade against a beautiful sunset backdrop filled red brick homes lining historic cobblestone alleyways! Kick off your shoes or slip into your dancing shoes as professional bands bring upbeat rhythms alive through drums, trumpets [and moreso don’t miss out – put on your dancing shoes and experience this memorable event honoring Memphis’ deep historical roots].

Experiencing Real Life Blues Performed By Professional Musicians
Weekly Tuesday night concerts are hosted at Lafayette’s Music Room located in Overton Square dedicated solely to delivering outstanding quality entertainment by legendary blues performers that you don’t want to miss out on – Louis “Gearshifter” Youngblood Jr., Skylar Rogers Band featuring Aiden Shelley (formerly known as Alvin “Youngblood” Hart), Dynasty Stone Band and many others coming now ready to cover our walls with sweet soulful sounds that guarantee you’ll be foot tapping & singing before you know it!

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Q1. What events allow me to immerse myself in the spirit of the blues city?
A1. The blues city has a variety of events like Memphis in May, Beale Street Music Festival, Memphis Grizzlies games, and the FedEx St. Jude Classic golf tournament that will allow you to tap into its culture and get a feel for what makes the city so special.

Q2. How often do these events take place?
A2. Certain events like the Memphis in May festival occur annually while other ones like Memphis Grizzlies games or the FedEx St. Jude Classic take place throughout the year with their exact schedules varying seasonally.

Q3. Are there any Covid-19 safety measures I should keep in mind when attending these events?
A3. Yes, all event organizers are putting measures into place to ensure social distancing is enforced and appropriate sanitary protocols are followed such as wearing a face mask and using hand sanitizer when entering venues or standing close together during performances.

Q4. Are there ticketing fees associated with attending these events?
A4. Depending on the event or venue, yes there may be additional ticketing fees associated with attendance such as service charges or taxes when purchasing tickets online or at venues directly.

Q5: What type of activities can I expect at blues city events?
A5: Activities vary depending on what event you decide to attend but generally include live music performances by famous blues artists, art exhibits celebrating local talent, sporting competitions such as basketball games involving local teams and more interactive experiences such as dancing lessons or karaoke nights!

Q6: Are there any other special offers available for attending blues city events?
A6: Yes! Venues often have discounts for large groups or early bird ticket purchases which can save you money if you plan ahead! Additionally some venues offer bonus items like t-shirts or memorabilia with purchase of tickets that make your experience even more worthwhile

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