How can I immerse myself in outdoor adventures near Memphis?

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Outdoor Adventures In and Around Memphis
It’s not surprising that outdoor activities are a big part of life in Memphis – with all the mountains, lakes, and rivers nearby, it’s really tough to find something you can’t do. From fishing and kayaking to camping and hiking – the great outdoors provide endless entertainment for everyone. Here’s a guide to some of the best outdoor activities near Memphis.

Hiking Through Nature
Memphis is located near the foothills of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, so there are plenty of opportunities to explore on foot. Whether you’re looking for an easy stroll through some relatively flat terrain or a tougher trek up one of the area’s mountains, there are plenty of hikes here to choose from. Popular trails include Bluff Mountain Trail in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park (a vigorous 10 mile hike with incredible views) and Cypress Grove Nature Trail at Shelby Farms Park (an easy 2-mile walk along a wetland filled with birds).

Kayaking On Riverside Parks
The Mississippi River runs right through downtown Memphis, so it only makes sense that kayaking would be popular here. There are several parks along the river that offer access points for kayakers who want to dip their oars into the mighty Mississippi. Tom Lee Park is always busy during the summer with people exploring these waters, while Bristol Levee gives partners an excellent place to have a picnic before or after their paddle trips!

Camping Under Starry Skies
Camping is always an excellent way to connect with nature and take advantage of all that outdoor living has to offer. If you’re looking for someplace close by comfort abduct laying under star lit skies without going too far away from home then maybe campground in nissan stadium what’s further away should you chose then consider joining tva campgrounds Wiley Point which is situated just thirty minutes outside town or over mick Lewis park which offers rounds pavilions group areas biking trails hiking paths zip lining Picnic grounds fishing spots archery firing beaches as well as multiple options for camping itself including cabins RV sites tent camping yurts group lodges etcetera

Canoeing Down Streams
Canoeing gives another seamless opportunity for travelers who want to explore but don’t want ever played too far away from City limits Take big creek stretches out forty five miles from its source near Robinsonville moving south alloys paddlers two explore at term creeks water features wildlife and stunning scenery throughout this journey A lotus also my subject join float trip down Gibson narrow which covers twelve miles ninety minutes from local station Given State Parks watering KnightState natural area wolf river Greenbelt jaws park mick Lewis park fourcus bayou wilderness range Canton Civil War international park etcetera showcase what nature has install store during your canoeing measures

Fishing To Catch The Big One
Finally no outdoor excursion is complete without stopping by a local spot To firefighter lure in That once -in-aldon lily trout large mouth bass crappie catfish bluegill perch And more It’s time To get Between expert anglers require specialised equipment though beginners will find drum ponds at nearby parks like TJ lawson assisted Abeijon lake Mick Lewis clouds bayou Willie point ash plug creek East banks Dickson overlooking places ready provided Fenner Pools Phoenix lakes Public Fishing Area etcetera You might even have success if your local stream Wether fit casting his rubber net gets chance local fishery events such thousand dollar world fish killing care knee competition stop Charleston festival other intermediate any festivals that attract big crowds offset regionally Why not grab six day weekend friends family take them fire straight off fresh catches dinner?

Whether you’re an outfitter looking for our next feeling a rescue person trying to immerse yourself in nature within remaps yo there’s plant door activity perfect match Throughout much forms adventures haying walking sky rock climbing rafting tying whatever calls may also rest assured Memphis what Arkansas surrounding areas have more than enough action offer keep coming back


Q. Where can I find outdoor activities near Memphis?
A. You can find plenty of outdoor activities in and around the city of Memphis. Popular activities include hiking, canoeing and kayaking, bird watching, cycling, nature trails, fishing and camping.

Q. Are there areas to camp near Memphis?
A. Yes! There are several options for camping near the city of Memphis including Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park, LaGrange Campground and Natchez Trace State Park.

Q. What type of trails are available for hiking near Memphis?
A. Hikers have a variety of choices in the area with several designated multi-usage trails as well as rural backroads that provide scenic hikes through wooded areas or open fields. Additionally Shelby Farms Park provides approximately 40 miles of biking and hiking trails suitable for all levels of experience.

Q Is it possible to rent boats or other water sports equipment near Memphis?
A Yes! There are plenty of options for renting boats or participating in water sports activities around the city of Memphis including Adventure Boat Rental located on Lake Davey Crockett at Pickwick Landing State Park and Strong River Outfitters located on Pickwick Lake at Pickwick Landing State Park, Tennessee River Park which offers canoeing, kayaking and more on Wolf River Harbor plus Reelfoot Lake which offers a variety of water based activities such as fishing, boating, wildlife watching and more.

Q What are some popular attractions close to Memphis?
A Natural attractions close to the city that offer a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities include Mud Island River Park, Big River Crossing Boardwalk & Bike Trail as well as Shelby Farms Park offering over 5,000 acres with more than 40 miles of non motorized trails suitable for biking & hiking plus 9 different lakes where visitors can go swimming or try their hand at fishing.

Q Are there any guided tours available for outdoor adventures in the area?
A Yes! If you’re looking for guided tours you can check out offerings from companies such as Explore It Tours which offers organized trips through some great natural attractions around the city such as Fort Pillow State Historic Site, Ghost Tours along Cotton Row Historic District plus segway tours throughout downtown Memphis just to name a few examples.

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