How can I explore the Memphis craft cocktail scene?

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Exploring the Memphis Craft Cocktail Scene
Have you been wondering how to explore the Memphis craft cocktail scene? From riverside bars to local watering holes and everywhere in between, there’s something for everyone when it comes to this Tennessee city’s creative cocktail culture. Whether you’re a fan of classic tiki drinks, prefer something on the sweeter side, or simply want to try something new, navigating your way through the craft cocktail scene in Memphis can be as daunting as it is exciting. Here are a few tips on how to explore the crafty cocktails that Memphis has to offer.

Visit Brewpubs and Distilleries
When looking for craft cocktails in Memphis, your best bet is to visit one of its many breweries or distilleries. Many of these establishments not only produce their own beers and spirits but they also have expert mixologists on staff who can create delicious versions of some of your favorite classics or completely new concoctions tailored specifically for you. Taking a tour at one of these establishments will not only give you access to some amazing specialty drinks but is also an opportunity to learn more about how beer and spirit production works and directly support the local industry.

Check Out Local Bars
From dive bars with live music downtown to historic institutions just off the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, no trip into Memphis’ bar scene would be complete without unveiling hidden gems filled with handcrafted libations. Ask around town or check out reviewers’ opinions online before setting out as some spots might have little more than shock value while others may have signature house cocktails or seasonal specials that should be on your must-try list once finding them! Don’t forget—it never hurts to get a bartender recommendation too! They might know what type of brews match your personal taste better than you do so don’t hesitate asking them! Also ask around about happy hours–they are usually a great place for trying unique flavors at discounted prices.

Hit Up Easy-Going Dive Bar Suites
For those who enjoy watching sport games while sipping frozen margaritas or Mai Tais then intrepid journeys into Memphis’ preeminent dive bar suites like Kingdom Lounge are highly recommended! These venues are often jokingly referred as “Just stay bars” because they usually don’t require any long wait time after arriving—making them perfect for getting down with groups and grabbing drinks fast if time is short! Don’t expect full service dishes and ambiance here either–these spots tend to favor lower prices over finer atmospheres although both can certainly be found depending on where one chooses during their tour throughout the craft cocktail scene in good ol’ Bluff City USA!

Shop Around Specialty Cocktail Shops
Memphis has recently welcomed several specialty stores dedicated solely to craft cocktails from both local distillers and national brands alike. Take advantage of these liquid gold mines by stocking up on small-batch spirits made right here in Tennessee that can’t be found anywhere else in addition visiting some bottle shops which provide options priced between affordably low budget buys that still offer excellent flavor experiences all way up premium quality selections reserved for special occasions! Who knows what kind of experimental libation one might find while shopping around different packing shops? This is perfect place checking out exclusive concoctions too risky guess based upon name alone yet still guarantee pleasure!

Conclusion: Exploring the Memphis craft cocktail is no simple feat but it’s an incredibly rewarding experience all same—especially when done correctly whether favoring dive bar scenes monitoring local libations created locally even seeking indecipherable trends from world wide specialist stores vast selection offered throughout fine city Tennessee Proudly making its mark across capable United States producing very finest when comes mixing spirits sure stand test time now sure next come through these Southern doors God Bless her Heart she here suffice!


Q1: Where can I find craft cocktail bars in Memphis?
A1: There are many craft cocktail bars in Memphis, including Alchemy Memphis, Ghost River Brewing Tasting Room, Hi-Tone Café, and Young Avenue Deli.

Q2: What type of drinks do craft cocktail bars serve?
A2: Craft cocktail bars typically offer classic cocktails with a creative twist, using premium spirits and locally sourced ingredients. Offerings may also include local beer and wine selections.

Q3: Are there any specials or events related to the craft cocktail scene?
A3: Yes! Many of the craft cocktail bars in Memphis offer weekly specials or happy hour deals as well as special events like recipe nights or mixology classes.

Q4: Are there any organizations that support the craft cocktail scene in Memphis?
A4: Absolutely! The non-profit organization “Mixxed Drinks” offers educational resources and networking opportunities for people interested in exploring the craft cocktail scene in Memphis. It also organizes community events such as fundraisers and tastings.

Q5: Is there a guide to the craft cocktail scene available?
A5: Yes, there are several guides available that provide information about different craft cocktail bars in town and their offerings. Additionally, locals can get updates on what’s happening at each bar through various online resources.

Q6: How can I learn more about how to mix drinks myself?
A6 “Mixxed Drinks” regularly hosts classes on techniques related to bartending and mixology for those looking to make their own crafted cocktails. Additionally, plenty of books and websites exist that teach readers how to make drinks from scratch.

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