How can I explore Memphis’s local art scene and galleries?

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Exploring the art scene in Memphis isn’t just for the locals or museum-goers; it’s something that everyone should experience. From popular galleries, museums, and street art to hip-hop and youth culture, Memphis’s local art scene offers plenty of ways to explore its creativity. Whether you’re looking to discover the city’s history or soak up the Southern atmosphere, these spots are sure to provide a memorable experience.

Get Started with Galleries and Museums

If you’re looking for a taste of the Memphis arts scene, there is no shortage of galleries and museums around town. The city is home to some of the world’s most famous galleries such as the Hattiloo Theater Gallery and The Arts Company Gallery. In addition to these gems, all over town you can find small galleries dedicated to displaying works from local artists in diverse styles. Just be sure to check their opening hours before you go!

In many cases, exploring these works can provide information on the culture of Memphis and its history. Recently opened in October 2020 is Graceland Too Museum which provides more insight into Elvis Presley’s career than ever before. It also features items from his travels and exclusive performances across his lifetime.

Street Art Showcasing Local Talent

Besides traditional galleries and museums, exploring local street art can be an engaging way to get a glimpse into Memphis’s creative spirit. Some of the best spots include Broad Ave Arts District with its unique murals featuring figures like Whitney Houston and Granny Climate Change Pimpin’, South Main Arts District with sculptures dispersed throughout ‘the ‘hood’, and Cooper Young Historic District known as Midtown where archived pictures merge with their modern versions showing how it has developed over time. As for smaller pieces scattered about town—like Downtown Artist Powderly Alley themed music through art depicting recognizable musicians—it helps create a vibrant image for visitors seeking an invigorating cultural experience unique from any other U.S city out there!

A Hub For Hip Hop And Youth Culture
If hip-hop is your jam then Memphis is THE place for you dive into this culture allowing not just music fans but those on an artistic quest understand more deeply what makes this genre so captivating: its unfiltered expression that speaks not only against oppression but creates unity within communities when recognized by larger systems around them . You can further explore this by visiting Yo Muzik Studio (one of several studios dotting the area) where artists take classes in areas including sound engineering, recording technology among others needed within industry . Not only does this studio spark innovation worldwide but also those who seek out creativespaces available even outside touring museum locations they offer access through workshops , meetings , live eventsWhile at studio visitors will encounter likeminded people working alongside industry pros designers established names often making strides dynamic portfolio upandcomers alike making effort flesh our understanding optimism shared sense belonging staying current good diverse energy teeming craft herein!


Memphis has some truly amazing places where people can explore its local art scene ranging from large museums full of historical artifacts ,bigger exhibitions housed within galleries as well as street artwork displayed around town while dipping toes into hip hop youth cultures thanks abundantly available venues .All practices meshed together help audiences better grasp mindset show form different point inspiration amongst living breathing tapestry vibrant spectrum talent growing flourishing every day harkening prospects carry multitudes promising opportunities!


Q1: Where can I find a list of art galleries in Memphis?
A1: Visit the websites for and for a comprehensive list of art galleries and other local cultural attractions.

Q2: Does the Art Museum of Memphis offer free admission?
A2: Yes, admission to the Art Museum of Memphis is free every day.

Q3: What arts and music shows are available in Memphis?
A3: You can find out about upcoming concerts, theatrical performances, and other cultural events on the City of Memphis’ Events Calendar, as well as Visit Memphis’ website and’s “There’s Always Something Happening” section.

Q4: Are there any festivals or folk art fairs happening in Memphis?
A4: Yes! The city has a variety of festivals throughout the year such as Dancin’ in the District, which showcases local performers from various genres including hip hop dance groups, indie bands, poetry slams and spoken word artists; BBQ Fest featuring BBQ competitions between experts from all over the country; and Dixon Gallery & Gardens’ Fair on the Square which features folk art, music performances and children activities.

Q5: Can I visit local studios to see artwork being created?
A5: Absolutely! You can arrange studio visits with many emerging contemporary artists in town, some which have private studios open to visitors by appointment only. You can look up individual artist pages on or inquire with your nearest gallery for possible studio tour bookings.

Q6: Are there any programs available for underserved communities to access museums and galleries?
A6: Yes! The organization ArtsMEMPHIS offers a variety of programs like student matinees at el Museo del Barrio New York City, guided tours through galleries within our community, discounted tickets at designated exhibitions at select partner museums around town such as Brooks Museum Of Art or Dixon Gallery And Gardens amongst others.

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