How can I experience the culture of Memphis at the Rendezvous?

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Memphis is full of rich history, culture, and amazing experiences just waiting to be discovered. For travelers and locals alike, the Rendezvous restaurant is a must-see destination. Whether you’re looking for classic Southern cooking or a toe-tappin’ good time, the Rendezvous offers something for everyone. Here’s a look at how to experience all the culture that Memphis has to offer at the iconic restaurant.

Experience Authentic Memphis Cuisine

The cornerstone of any visit to the Rendezvous should be their delectable Memphis-style ribs. These slow-cooked beauties have been prepared according to a family recipe since 1946 and come smothered in their signature sauce. You can also try favorites like grits n’ greens, Delta catfish stew, and you can even order barbecue dinners for groups of 8 or more! The meals served here will give you an authentic taste of Southern hospitality and cooking traditions that have been handed down for generations.

Party it up with Live Music

No trip to Memphis would be complete without indulging in some good old-fashioned music. The nightlife at the Rendezvous is always hopping with talented local acts performing tunes from all eras of musical history. They feature rock ‘n roll, country western, blues, jazz, Americana and everything else in between! There are also occasional special events where bigger names drop by for performances that you won’t want to miss out on! Whether you want to two step across the floor or just sit back enjoy drinks while listening great music, you’ll find plenty of dancin’ here.
Toast A Piece Of History
Since its doors opened back in 1948 after Prohibition ended around 1949 during which there was backward slide on drinking beer ,the iconic eatery has seen its share of regulars and celebrities including Elvis Presley who was known regular visitor during 1958 . The RSVP employes still proudly serve up a frosty cold glass from what was once “the smallest bar in America.” Only twenty inches wide this counter top is still popular today ,so why not grab yourself one cold one while visiting and toast one celebratingamerica’s cultural melting pot!!!

Experience Memphis Style At Its Finest
When it comes down to it ,The Rendezvous is an iconic spot offering so much more than just food —it’s an antidote many visitors seeking something different during their travels .This one restaurant packs centuries worth of historical context into every visit making a meal here so much more meaningful — it’s about fully embracing all that makes Memphis both unique and special . That means savoring classic flavors while soaking up traditions that only perhaps ever found hereand truly bringing home all that Memphis offers culturally via cuisine .The bottom line :Memphis’ soulful spirit thrives within these walls—make sure you come ready partake !


Q: How many restaurants does The Rendezvous have?
A: The Rendezvous has two restaurants – Rendezvous Restaurant & Charcoal Room and Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous.

Q: What type of cuisine is served at the restaurant?
A: The restaurant serves classic, dry-rubbed Memphis-style barbecue pork ribs, as well as other traditional Southern dishes.

Q: Are there any music venues located at The Rendezvous?
A: Yes! The Blues City Cafe is a live music venue located directly next to The Rendezvous, featuring some of the best in Memphis Blues.

Q: Does the Rendezvous serve drinks?
A: Yes! Customers can enjoy cocktails or a variety of beers in both the main dining room and the Blues City Cafe.

Q: Is it possible to arrange tours and special events at The Rendezvous?
A: Yes! You can contact the restaurant directly to inquire about setting up a tour or reserving an event for your group.

Q: What kind of activities are offered at The Rendezvous?
A: Enjoy live music performances every night starting at 9PM, plus local art exhibitions, comedy nights, trivia nights and more.

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